1. PrairieKnight

    What type of wash to use with acrylic paint

    I am taking my first stab at airbrushing structures: I used Apple Barrel acrylic paints shot through a Paasche double action airbrush. I am pleased with the initial results. I experimented with Dullcote and another craft acrylic sealer on these structures. I want to weather with washes and...
  2. S

    Weird airbrushing problem

    I've been searching the forums for an answer to something that's strange ..... I purchased a small interlocking tower used from eBay and am repainting it. Three sides work fine with the basecoat of Behr green paint from Home Depot, but the fourth wal seems to reject the paint every time. I tried...
  3. C

    What Compressor to use

    I was wondering. What Kind of compressor could I use with a badger 150 airbrush? I know there are a lot out there but which is the best? Thanks a lot.