1. CP SD90MAC-H-II 9302 (right side)

    CP SD90MAC-H-II 9302 (right side)

    This is the other side of my scratch built SD90MAC-H-II. In case you missed the left side, it is a scratch built shell (started life as a RPP) on a Kato drive.
  2. Model of CP SD90MAC-H-II 9302

    Model of CP SD90MAC-H-II 9302

    This is my model of CP 9302, my namesake unit! The frame and drive are Kato, the walkways and sills are RPP and the rest is scratch built using styrene, Cannon doors and many other detail parts. I built this in the late 1990's, and it still looks right at home with my more recent builds...
  3. CP 9302

    CP 9302

    CP SD90MAC-H II 9302 holds up happy hour. Taken at the Essex Train Show 2005