1. Pacodutaco

    Designing an HO layout for my nephew...Please Critique.

    My nephew just turned 10 years old and is getting interested in model railroading. His father (my brother) and I have been modeling for 25+ years on and off so we think this is a good thing to spend time with him on. Space is limited to a 4x6 area and it has to be portable since they are...
  2. Sammy V

    Comments On My 4x6 Layout Plan-N Scale noob!

    Hey guys, first post here and I'm anxious to learn more about this somewhat confusing hobby! I'd also like to share my first layout that I've started building. It actually fits on 4x5, even though I have 4x6 benchwork built, but eventually I'd like to add on to both sides where the 4 "dead...