3d printing

  1. BunkerTheHusky

    I 3D designed an N Scale Boxcab

    Having just recently finished assembling my Maintenance of Way train, I now have been faced with a new conundrum. What locomotive do I use to pull it? I'm the type of railfan that likes the obscure, ugly relics of the distant past. Horrendously outdated machines that have no right existing on...
  2. F

    3d printing

    Hi all, I was wondering if anybody else is planning to use 3d printing as part of their model railroading. I've got a printer coming in the next couple weeks and I'm planning on using it to print parts for my layout that can't easily be located elsewhere. Or, the bigger problem, don't fit in...
  3. V

    Do you use 3D printing ?

    Hi guys, Do you use 3D printing for your models and diorama ? I have a really good friend, Arin Panait, and I really like his work. I've attached some photos below, maybe you like it too :). Most of his builds are in O scale (1:43)
  4. B

    Interested in model making and have been experimenting with 3d Printing Scenery

    Hi Everyone, I have not had much experience in the modeling world but I am interested in learning more. I am an mechanical engineer and have access to sophisticated tools such as 3D printers, mills, lathes and the like. My first project was a 3d printed female character for beach scenes...
  5. Steve S

    3D Printing coming to Staples.

    Someone posted this at another train forum and I thought it was worth mentioning here. Next year Staples will start offering 3D printing at their stores. The printer uses built-up layers of paper to make the object, so it's probably not capable of fine detail needed for body shells for engines...