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    Made in America?

    Sunshine models are made in Springfield MO, they make resin kits.
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    Milk-it does the railroad good! HOmogenized!

    Ken you think just like this Ken, had to get one as soon as it was released. Its assembled and weathered sitting on a shelf waiting for a ribbon cutting. Its surrounded by 18 of these!
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    Milk-it does the railroad good! HOmogenized!

    You wouldn't happen to know of a place to find a few pics of those type setups? Like the name by the way heh.
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    Milk-it does the railroad good! HOmogenized!

    I have a question about the milking industry dating in about the 1950's. Milk and mail will be the main supporters of my freelanced railroad. I'm not quite sure what all supporting buisness are needed to make it all possible. I currently have rolling stock and a few structures such as milk...
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    Walthers F40PH drive parts needed

    I dont have any pic unfortunatly, its the drive shaft that looks like a black toothpick with a little ball and 2 peggs on each end and the cup that recieves it which mounts on the shaft coming out of the trucks.
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    Walthers F40PH drive parts needed

    I have an older DC walthers f40ph that I am having a hard time finding parts for. I am needing the dogbone driveshafts and the female shaft reciever that mounts to the trucks. I went nuts trying to find them at walthers and ebay but so far no luck. Maybe I'm doing something wrong in my search...
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    Under Construction - Birmingham UK

    It looks to me like the far end has a much larger overhang and then narrows as it gets closer but its hard to tell for sure.
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    Hey Josh, I went to register on your site and screwed up and deleted my e-mail before I finished...

    Hey Josh, I went to register on your site and screwed up and deleted my e-mail before I finished registering can you help a guy out? Sorry about the trouble
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    DC Loco issue

    This is the first time I have ever had this happen, I have a Atlas sw1500 switcher that runs great and a lifelike docside that runs great. Here's the problem-when they are both on the same track there is a voltage drop and they run in opposite directions. I cant figure this out.
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    track cleaning question

    Now why is it, we have to remember to leave the seat down? Maybe there should be a new rule where the ladies need to leave the seat up.
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    Printable links for structures?

    Does anyone know of any good links to sites with some printable drawings or plans for ho structures of any kind?
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    Scratch build chain link fence

    Ahh good point- But I'll do you one better, pm me your adress and I'll send you some samples, enough to do alot of fencing. Green, silver,black, and grey are common for the newer plastic coated chainlink.
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    Scratch build chain link fence

    Goto wal mart in the fabrics, they have several colors and it was .98 cents a yard. Enough material to fence in the entire layout, even if its huge. I bought a 1ft. by 3ft. piece for .24 cents. Thats the smallest they would sell me. You can use wire for your posts, over in the hardware dept.
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    Scratch Building...homemade

    When you get some, buy at least one no trespassing and and one for sale, then scan them and then shrink them down to the size you want and make them into thumbnails and you can print off as many signs as you like. You may not have anything for sale, but surely some homeowner on your layout does...
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    Scratch Building...homemade

    The cheap forsale signs you get at wal mart or any hardware store ( lowes, home depot) is sheet styrene.

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