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    "portable scenes"

    I'm working on two new scenes on my railroad right now. 1 is a dining car restaurant complete with parking lot, flower s/ greenery, steps and a handicapped ramp. The other is a frac sand and aggregate transloading facility. They are in the design phase right now and will be being built over the...
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    Model Railroading by Flashlite

    Something to consider an vacuuming: use a brand new bag, that way if you accidentally sweep up scenery, details, critters, etc you can recover them easily
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    WPF 1/3 to 1/9/14

    wow, the WPFs are slacking off.... alot of our regulars have been MIA! Here's my contribution for this week... I'll have some more from the club tomorrow!
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    WPF 10-24 to 10-31

    Aaannddd its stupidity like that why people leave the hobby, or at least the club... when folks forget that its all about having fun!
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    WPF 10-24 to 10-31

    I've been studying painting and weathering from a master model railroader. (He's the guy who's done most of my custom paints, including the cab forward and business car...) We are preparing from me to start doing my own painting under his tutalage... here's a nice collection getting stripped...
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    WPF 10-24 to 10-31

    Thanks Gary! that's a nice setup you've got... is that yours or on a club?
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    WPF 10-24 to 10-31

    If the president of a railroad was showing off his new office car to other railroad presidents and the subject of the 4-8-8-2 was brought up, don't you think the president would make a call or two and trade in the MP-15 for the Cab Forward? :=)
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    WPF 10-24 to 10-31

    Had the Texas & Gulf Coast office car "Sam Houston" out on its first revenue run. This is also my first posting (I think) from my new railroad club after a political falling out at my old club (can't we all just run trains and have fun!!??) If the scenes looks familiar...
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    Weekly photo thread

    That looks alot like the St. Charles Model Railroad in St Charles/St. Peters/ Ft. Zumwalt Missouri (outside the St. Louis Metro area). I've had the pleasure of running out there a few times in my travels... I was out there with Sperry...
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    Weekend Photo Fun 9-27 thru 10-3

    As long as we are sharing photos of our chase vehicles... My current chase rig: 1985 diesel suburban, 5 speed manual- Chased the NKP 756 in PA. Makes a great platform with its large, load-bearing roof. Seen here down low in Horseshoe Curve this May waiting on the 756. (I was running with a...
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    Weekly photo fun 9-20 thru 9-26

    Can't blame ya!
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    Weekly photo fun 9-20 thru 9-26

    I love that turntable Montanan...
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    Weekly photo fun 9-20 thru 9-26

    Very nice Montanan!
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    Weekly photo fun 9-20 thru 9-26

    Rowe Yard is back in service! Track 1 capacity: 14 cars (seen here with 13 and an RSD-15- the longest train on the DA&K sub to date...) Track 2: 10, Track 3: 9 The track-laying train has been expanded with 2 more cars for hauling off the "junk" (bent nails, busted rail joiners, scrap...
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    Weekly photo fun 9-20 thru 9-26

    They weren't... but there's one front end loader driver that had to clean up one heck of a mess!!!

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