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  1. TrainboyH16-44

    Hello from Canada's not so frozen North

    Hi Mel, do tell us I'm also modeling the Boundary sub (and a bit of the Nelson) in a similar size room :O
  2. TrainboyH16-44

    My layout is possessed!

    Pfft, that's not posession - Just your run of the mill unstable wormhole. No, my friend, THIS is true demonic possession! If you read the exchange in the description, it makes it so much better.
  3. TrainboyH16-44

    Layout video tour: Wolverine Lynx Railroad

    Hey guys, this week's video includes a tour of the fantastic Wolverine Lynx, a fictional bridge line in southern Alberta across the Rocky Mountains. Please watch and enjoy! (The actual layout stuff begins around 1:30 if you're impatient)
  4. TrainboyH16-44

    SP 4449 on Marias Pass, GN Hi-line!

    Here's one from nearly 5 years ago. Click the thumbnail to get more info and a larger photo!
  5. TrainboyH16-44

    Kootenay Division video series - Big announcement!

    The first video is now online!
  6. TrainboyH16-44

    Kootenay Division video series - Big announcement!

    So I've been spending the last year starting this huge 104-video long project about my N scale Kootenay Division (among other things), and it's finally time to start uploading. I'm uploading starting this Wednesday (the 8th) and I'd love to get some of you subscribed and commenting! Here's...
  7. TrainboyH16-44

    Above layout storage solutions

    Nope, because... Unfortunately, I had to agree to only using air rights to build this layout, as it were, to gain permission to use the entire room. I'll probably be storing most of my train stuff above the layout, but it's pretty light. I was planning to have the shelves be as deep as the...
  8. TrainboyH16-44

    Above layout storage solutions

    Hello all, I'm currently getting toward a stage where I have to get rid of the old crummy shelving unit that stands between me and fulfilling the purpose of the Kootenay Division, and I want to transfer a bunch of stuff to storage above the top deck of my layout. (height of roughly 70-86")...
  9. TrainboyH16-44

    Tutorial: Building suspended L girder benchwork

    I'm starting a new series of video tutorials as I build the upper deck of my railway, combining a variety of techniques I've gathered over the past few months. I hope that you will find these videos informative, please subscribe to my channel to find out when I upload new ones! Here is the...
  10. TrainboyH16-44

    Vapour barrier to prevent dust?

    I'm in the midst of redoing the lights in my MRR room, and am considering installing sheets of vapour barrier on the joists, above the lights to prevent dust from coming from the floor above. Considering how much dust I'm already generating in the room, would this stop very much at all? I've...
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    Another guy with a real train in his basement

    If I'm recalling right, it was more recent than that - either I was leafing through some back issues recently or the article was around 3-5 years ago.
  12. TrainboyH16-44

    My N Scale Track Plan

    Here's what I think: Shorten the tunnel at the top to about halfway down the left side, and put the runaround there with an industry branching off. I don't really like the set of 3 sidings at bottom left, as it's too many tracks for a small industry or set of industries, but it's also far too...
  13. TrainboyH16-44

    Ballast inside tunnel?

    I might as well show what I do with tunnels. The liner is held in using a pair of 3/8" #8 screws, and constructed in two pieces using foamcore. The near side to access and the roof are one piece, glued together, and with a few seconds of unscrewing it comes off to give access for cleaning and...
  14. TrainboyH16-44

    Ballast inside tunnel?

    That's an interesting thing to think about. It would never be a problem on my layout, since I fully enclose my tunnels so that they're completely dark inside.
  15. TrainboyH16-44

    Ballast inside tunnel?

    If it's a straight tunnel you'll be looking at head on, you'll be able to tell - otherwise, ballast to the end of your sight line.

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