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    Does anyone know what railroads used outside boiler throttle as Mantua 4-6-2 has the castings?

    The only one I could definitely find with an outside throttle was ATSF #3463, which may be a 4-6-4 Hudson. Reading Railroad #214, a Pacific type has a frontend throttle, and looked very similar to the Mantua Pacific. As the original Mantua company was out of Pennsylvania, I would not be...
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    Locomotive (Steam & Diesel) Pulling Capability Tests

    Selector - "Steamers have trouble getting heavy loads underway, and they'll often just spin. But let them get up to 60 plus mph and you'll appreciate all that brutish power churning over the rails below you." Having lower starting tractive effort is why steamers would back up slightly, putting...
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    Replace DCC Decoder for Bachmann 4-8-4.

    Soundtraxx TSU2200 Steam 2 are rated for higher current draw than the TSU1100. Also connecting one of their Keep Alive capacitors will reduce stalls.
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    Old stuff

    While lacking in the detail that some "modern" models have, some/most of these could be put into operating condition. The "biggest" drawback would be the truck-mounted hook-horn couplers. These could be cut off and replaced with body-mounted Kaydees. The NP sleeper appears to be a basket case...
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    A return to the fun of HO railroading

    If you are talking about purchasing a new DC-only and installing the decoder yourself, I'd recommend buying one with the decoder already installed. You may pay a bit more as the factory installed decoders are usually DC/DCC with sound, so you could run on either power (although you won't get...
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    Minimum HO Curve Radius

    You can probably create your own account. They probably have a link for that. Just use your email address for a user name and think up something simple for a password. Otherwise, check with Wm. K. Walthers or your local hobby shop.
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    Colors for a model railroad

    Steam or diesel locos? Will they be pulling freight or passenger cars, and if the latter, heavyweight or streamliners?
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    Minimum HO Curve Radius

    What part of the Mike derails first? Do you have to back up a grade with a curve?
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    Minimum HO Curve Radius

    I have used Atlas Code 100 on my layout, but I think I would match the Code 83 to whichever turnouts you are going to use, just in case there is any small dimensional differences in the rails. It would also depend on availability. Oh, regarding Bachman showing the Consols as "sold out", I'd...
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    Minimum HO Curve Radius

    Bachman Mikado's 2-8-2 with DCC and sound are shown to work on minimum 18" radius. Their Consolidations should also work on 18", although they show them as sold out. Mantua steam locomotives will also work on 18", but they, of course, are older, and you'd have to add DCC/sound decoders, and...
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    My unnamed railroad... the beginnings... (Can't think of a name

    One strong suggestion about the ceiling: Do NOT sheetrock it! Go to a drop ceiling, even if you only "drop" it a few inches or so. With all the wires I see in the one picture, you may need access to them as well as to piping, etc. I had the ceiling in my basement partially finished in...
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    Athearn GP7 Blue Box chassis question.

    This is a WAG, but with the low front hood, an original might not have room for the front gear tower. Or at least, the weight would have to be cut down to fit.
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    Bachmann DCC turnout doesn't work

    Solenoid actuated turnouts require MOMENTARY power ONLY! If connected directly to a power source for more than a few seconds, the solenoid will burn out! In order to make the turnout points shift from one route to another, you need either two pushbuttons, one for each solenoid, or a single...
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    Varney or mantua

    Thank you, sir! Now if I could only find time and the inclination to ballast my track! :rolleyes:
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    Varney or mantua

    Sometimes it's interesting to tell a story or two. Cop is right around the corner directing traffic, while these gents are having a little game with the galloping bones. Meanwhile, down in the "jungle" some hoboes are waiting to nail a drag freight westbound. Although our model railroads are...

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