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    How Will the Pandemic Impact the Model Railroad World?

    I think jazzDad has hit it on the head. With so many big name brands telling Mall ownership that they can’t pay the rent his scenario makes the most sense. The only hands on shopping experience I miss and will for awhile into the future is the grocery store. My modeling purchases for styrene...
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    DCC and Track Cleaning and Locomotive Wheels

    I clean my track usually once a year or just the area if I have been working on scenery. I use mineral spirits with a rag and paper towel a couple moments later. I do about 10’ at a time. By time I wipe down the track for the 10th I can go back with the paper towel. Then I use a graphite stick...
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    Do You Prefer Six or Four Axle Locomotives?

    My preference for my layout is now 4 axles due to a operational change in January, not because I had issues with the 6 axles. Greg, I feel your pain for that section of track but I agree with Bob, rip it out. I had the same problem, the track work was fine, the wheels fine, no bumps but I would...
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    Locomotive Consisting

    Consisting is why I left DC and went to RailPro that has IMO the easiest consisting. Because I fell in love with the ProtoThrottle I sold off the Railpro and went with ESU Cab Control. Very hard but doable consisting but then I changed the operations of my layout and sold off all 6 axle...
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    What's Your Favorite Model Locomotive?

    Best model locomotives are any of the turbines I have owned and sold over the years. Current best favorite model locomotive I Own is the Genesis Gp40-2w. TomO
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    Keeping busy at home.

    Good morning from the “Safer at Home” State of Wisconsin per the mandate. I have been retired since 9/2014 and found pretty damn quick staying at home and not going to work after being a work-alocholic was tough. I needed a schedule, not hour by hour but a plan for morning and afternoon. Had to...
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    What trains did you run today?

    Thank you Greg. Still learning the forums and some do and dont’s. CN took over the Valley Sub from the WC in 2001 and the WC power was quickly replaced by the CN. I lived from 1976 to 2014 on Lake DuBay near the Knowlton Bridges and when the ice was on the lake you could hear the trains...
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    What trains did you run today?

    Trick L1a was run this sunny Wisconsin Saturday in April, heading to the yard. Tom
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    Will the Fall of the Stock Market Affect Your Modeling?

    Good news would be great that’s for sure. Here‘s some! My HO scale Paper Mill is heading to 90% completion (not 100 because they are never done) about 4 months sooner then I figured. Memorial Day versus the Labor Day hope. Of course spending 1 to 6 pm daily in the train room sure has been...
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    Will the Fall of the Stock Market Affect Your Modeling?

    I‘m not seeing this discussion as a downer but I am sorry you do. I know you are not picking on anyone and yours is a general statement regarding this discussion. I think it’s great the the Admin have allowed a discussion like this and that there is an absence of politics. Politics can change...
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    Will the Fall of the Stock Market Affect Your Modeling?

    While nothing regarding the stock market as I stated before has changed, my life has changed. My LHS has parking lot delivery to the trunk of the car. Our grocery shopping has become online to the trunk of the car and starting this week because we are over 60 our HyVee groceries will be free...
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    Anyone else working from home?

    Working from home, does this count? TomO (retired 2014)
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    Where is Your Model Railroad Layout Setup?

    Lower level of the house in what to the previous owner was a storage room. L shaped 32’x 11’ on long leg and 24’x 10’ on the short side. TomO
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    What trains did you run today?

    This morning I ran #L3b which is the 3rd shift trick that delivers box cars to be loaded at the Paper Mill during 1st and 2nd shifts TomO

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