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    guilford sd-26

    do they make the atlas sd-26 in HO??? i have looked everywhere ebay and atlas and i cant seem to find anything other then HO . my son want one road #643, for christmas SO any leads will be appreciated:o
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    new atlas cleaning car

    so is anybody looking into getting one of these??? it looks cool
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    My Guilford fleet

    wow u did some nice work
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    thanks but i cant get it to open so could up copy and paste
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    HI i have a alco pa and i dont know the number kadee coupler that goes on the front end???is it the same one as on the passenger cars???
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    a work in progress

    i started out building a plan loosely based on cheyenne and western up system, if u notice the coal dock ala cheyenne,weellll my son took over and im sure u see that there is no steam anywhere in the yard;) so its become what union pacific would look like if they merged with the entire united...
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    a work in progress

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    i resign

    i got this from my other hobbie site and man can i relate
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    riverossi parts

    hey i got some parts for my big boy from a member here and i didnt save the email addy so i need some screws for my 844 if anybody can help thanks:D
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    Help! Looking for nice running UP Gas Turbine

    man i have been searching for a turbine that was NOT BRASS and still no luck!!!! y dont they come out with a new one:(
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    my layout

    here is some pics of my layout that i built with my 12 year old son
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    A few pics

    nice layout , u are making great progress
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    My newest scene - Abandoned steamer

    ok now u need to form a committe to buy the steamer and spend 10 years restoring it back to service:p
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    walthers 130' HO TURNTABLE

    yeah i built cmr turntable and i didnt like it , its just taking up space till i can get the walthers
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    walthers 130' HO TURNTABLE

    ok , i have noticed that they seemed to be permently backordered and also i havent seen many on ebay:( man i want one for my layout .... but 300 bucks owwwwch:mad: does anybody here have one???? if so are they as good as advertised??? and any leads on finding one would be appreciated, thanks:D

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