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    Switching in N

    Reliable uncoupling is what has prevented me from laying rail. I'm a somewhat newbie but I have experimented with magnetic uncoupling. You can read other threads in this forum and other forums of people claiming success with various methods but I have not been able to repeat their success...
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    My first layout! part 2

    Hi Aaron, You are off to a good start. I'm no pro when it comes to design, I've been struggling with my own for years. I am looking forward to Ken's suggestions. I have a few ideas, you can decide if any are useful. 1) There doesn't seem to be much room around the spur in the upper middle...
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    Trackplan Advice

    Cord wood Thanks Chip and Carey, With the service track, it almost feels complete. I have another destination for my cars loaded with cord wood. Speaking of cord wood, what type of branch or weed to you use to simulate cord wood? What techniques do you use so it keeps that fresh cut...
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    Trackplan Advice

    Modified plan I'm getting closer. I added a cross over to the yard lead on the left side of the depot. I also changed track centers from 2 1/3" to 2". The produce shed is adding a warehouse and moving to the upper left. The tiny spur to the right of the depot will be used to park a...
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    Trackplan Advice

    Yard lead The inside curve acts as a yard lead, the other curve is the A/D track, and where they merge is the start of the main line. This is the end of the line. I have only found a few photos of the yard. Most focus on the depot...
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    Trackplan Advice

    Hello, I'm planning, and soon will be constructing a branch of the South Pacific Coast RR that runs from Santa Cruz to Boulder Creek, CA. The laugher is I'm going to do this in an 8' X 11'6" bedroom. The layout will be in HOn3. In my previous plan, Santa Cruz was going to be represented...
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    Easements vs. increased radius

    Thanks Thanks for the input, both philosophical and practical. One of my main goals is smooth operation. It is my understanding that the SPC branch running through the Santa Cruz Mtns. was, mile for mile, both the most expensive and the most profitable narrow gauge railroad ever built. The...
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    Easements vs. increased radius

    Hello, I am in the final stages of designing a HOn3 trackplan for a 8' X 12' spare bedroom. Space is tight and the curves will be too. From an operational and aesthetic point of view, would I be better off using 18" radii curves with 12" easements or using 24" radii curves and no easements...

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