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    My RhB, it begins

    Well, after spending way too much of my summer working on the big trains, I decided that I better at least get something done before the weather gets bad. So, about a month ago I started putting boards together to start the portion of my layout that goes down the fence. I had intended...
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    Hmm, that 680 looks sorta one of the units in my train last night. Looks well worn, but sure sounds good!
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    Starting in on my layout

    Yup, those two bridges started as a pile of steel shapes on my floor. Lotsa cutting, grinding, and welding, and you have what you see. Kinda amzing to look around on the internet and see what people are charging for steel garden railway bridges, then think I've only spent maybe $50 in steel...
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    "Best" looking unit, Other

    LKAB IORE electric. As seen here: Packs a mere 14,000 HP for the light duty's of hauling iron ore around the arctic regions of Sweden. Tis a thing of beauty, yet is a beast at heart.
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    Post your fleet, roster, whatever you wanna call it

    Don't have all the pics together just yet, but this is my fleet so far for my outdoor Rhatische Bahn layout. Electrics: Ge 4/4 III 647 Grusch "Capito" Ge 4/4 II 621 Felsburg Ge 4/4 II 622 Arosa Ge 6/6 413 aka a Crocodile Steam: G 3/4 11 Heidi Diesel: Gm 4/4 241 Tm...
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    Starting in on my layout

    With the purchase of a house, and weather finnaly being more condusive to working out doors, I've begun to make some progress. First order was getting my tracks from the inside staging yard to the layout itself. Here's a few pitcures of my progress so far: 1) the liftout, err, swing up...
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    LL P2K pickup problems

    I've noticed a a few people mentioning problems with the method the Life Like P2K SD7/9's pickup thier power. Has there been any similar issue's with the other P2K diesel's like the Geeps and Switchers? I'm going do try one of the fixes I've found for the SD7/9's when I do the...
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    CCC GP7 755 Enters the Paint Shop

    Do you know how the decals were done? Like off a printer or something a littl emore advanced? Curious cause I want to get a unit put together for my freelance road.
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    Trailer Hitches?

    Micro-Trains makes a mixed pack of collapsed and raised trailer hitches for flat cars. I would think you could trim the excess off the collapsed one to utilize the hitch. Or, just get some styrene strip and make your own. Cut to look like the hitch, drill a hole in it and voila, you've...
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    BLI SD40-2 lighting

    Finnaly found the issue: Railmodel Jounral, June 2005, Upgrading the BLI SD40-2 pages 17-21. Doesnt cover it much detail I found out, but the article does mention adding a function only decoder for ditch lights. The article was mainly on doing some upgrades appearance wise to the BLI...
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    G-Scale Questions? Ask Them Here

    Straight out of the box, no. BUT...if you pull the Aristo Craft rail joiners off and use some LGB railjoiners in thier place, you can connect the Aristo/USA track to LGB. Incidently, Aristo and USA Trains track are virtually idenitical. This works for most all code 332 rail, using the LGB...
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    G Track opinions

    Dont know how you local dealer may be setup Ballhog, but the shop I worked at had a direct account with LGB of America and the minimum order was $1000, with similar minumus fro USA Trains and IIRC Aristo. But the latter two we went through a distributor, so there really were no minimum's for...
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    G Track opinions

    I have a mix of both on my layout, and they both work just fine. One doesnt get dirty faster then the other or anything. I'd say go ahead and get the Aristo, LGB is mainly just proud of what they make... :p Plus, you'll probably get tired of assembling, and more so bending all...
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    LGB of America

    You cant order the products directly from LGB or LGBoA, you have to go through one of their authorized retailer's. You can order repair/replacement parts from them though. Im really PO'd with em right now, thier killing my model RRing budget with all the Rhatische Bahn stuff they've been...
  15. RailroadJeep

    Scratchbuilt Monopole Billboard under construction

    And worth every penny of it! My personal favoirte was R14 though, never really played with 2000, and I was pretty much set in my ways with using R14. Power for the PC's was a nonstop battle when I did that stuff in high school, always beefing them up. Heck, you should have seen our 3d...

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