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    Sorry, I hit post twice...
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    I did some research and found that the paint job on that TN state car isn't correct at all, it's a totally different set of colors from a real one. Instead, I found some 1/43 scale diecast cars from an antique store and I then modified a 1/50 scale French firetruck into a early-war 2 1/2 ton...
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    Whats the BEST Way to Remove Lettering from a Factory Paint Job

    Funny, I've never gotten rubbing alcohol, decal solutions nor a pencil eraser to remove factory lettering. I have a Bachmann On30 locomotive I'm desperate to remove a locomotive # from to re-number it and keep the other factory markings. I've yet to find anything that'll work other than...
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    On30? Anyone?

    Been busy building up rolling stock, and working on a track plan to build, gonna have more room than I originally counted on. But I figured out while I have no layout to build just yet, might as well work on the stuff I can just put back into boxes until the day come to run trains. I have a few...
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    Comment by 'p51' in media 'Exploded Sawmill Photos'

    Interesting explosion, didn't knowck over that stack of wood right next to the wall! Sorry, I've seen a lot of blown up stuff. Great model work, though.
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    Whats the BEST Way to Remove Lettering from a Factory Paint Job

    Someone told me to look up something that worked well on his layout. I can't recall the name of it right now, he said to look up "______'s garage" (I think it was Joe's garage) online. I assumed it was some manner of solvent. He said it takes the lettering right off but leaves the paint. I...
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    The Sherwood, Shelton & Sarazen Rwy

    I did an op session there last week (almost exactly a year after the first post), went with someone who knew the layout already. I'd never been there or knew what to expect. I was blown away by this layout. He did a great job! As a new guy, I threw most o the switches in the Oyster Bay yard...
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    where are the On30 guys...?

    I got some equipment for that scale when the new ET&WNC 4-6-0 came out as that’s the road I always wanted to model. Got # 11 in the wartime paint (which is exactly the engine and scheme I wanted to model) and some cars, which I have since decaled and weathered. Finding track in code 83 has...
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    On30 + Slotcar

    I'm still trying to wrap my head around the scale issues... 1/48 with 1/32? Those cars are going to look HUGE cvompared to the trains!
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    Comment by 'p51' in media 'Yard Lead Switching'

    Tallest switchstand I've ever seen...
  11. ET&WNC cars in On30

    ET&WNC cars in On30

    Just working on some Bachmann On30 cars for my eventual ET&WNC-themed layout. All for the gon is based on a road number that was still on the property in 1943, when the layout will take place.
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    THANKS for that link, going to get one of those Tennessee state patrol ones!
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    I'm now slowing starting to gather things like figures and structures for the layout I'm slowly planning, and wondering if there are good pre-1945 cars out there that either aren't expensive or Lionel looking? 1:48 seems a good scale for model kits of airplanes, but I'm having troubles finding...
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    Placement of figures?

    I saw a module group last month who had that exact thing going, as well a a parade that was frozen in place along the street. That's what got me thinking about it. Got lucky, found two groupings of O scale figures, all painted, and in standing/sitting poses. Over 150 (for less than $25...
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    Placement of figures?

    I was looking at a Model RR magazine today and got to wondering, if a layout is a static display other than the trains and whatever else you built to move or show action of any kind, why would you place figures into a active setting where they don't move? I saw a photo of figures showing...

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