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  • I think you misunderstood what I meant by running 1000 trains. I meant it more in the way that I could program them, and then just take them on and off when I want to use them without having to reprogram them each time. EZ only lets you do 10, so it is a pain to reprogram the trains as needed.
    Secondly, you will burn up motors if you run them hard on low voltages. To keep the amperage 'cool', you must raise the voltage commensurately. Think of the difference in voltage between what is supplied to your household freezer or fridge and what is provided at the kitchen stove or the hot water tank. Those two get 240 volts. Why? To keep the amperage draw working properly for the appliance and to keep the wires cool. So, if your microwave needs 20 amps at 120 volts, what would be the roughly same ratio for 1000 amps?
    Electric motors draw amperage based on the work they are asked to do. HO locomotive can motors and their decoders, particularly with speakers and amplifier, are rated typically for a max of 2 amps. Exceed that and you blow expensive decoders at $90 a pop for sound. I was conservative in my message where I said 1000 amps. If you make your locomotives pull long trains over grades, you can easily get into the 1500-2000 amp range for 1000 locomotives working at the same time. How will you safely bring that power to your layout and distribute it?
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