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    Historic Railroad Songs

    That song came to mind before I had even read your post. So I'll add a couple of my favorites. The city of New Orleans, I'm Movin' On, Waiting For a Train. A line I like from I'm Movin' On is "Mr engineer take the throttle in hand, this rattler's the fastest in the Southern land" Reminds me...
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    An Old-School Craftsman Kit

    I built that kit. Added a few parts here and there.
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    Flat MOW Load

    Nice job. Here's one I built from an old Athearn Blue Box bulkhead flat.
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    How Many Different Locomotives Road Names do you Have on Your Layout?

    My own road - Lobuc Valley, NH, a few NYC and one SP. Also some EMD and Alco demo units.
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    Abandon NH photos near my house

    Thanks George. If memory serves I seem to recall a similar bridge at or near Herkimer that could be seen from I-90. That one might have belonged to the NYC as it was a little too far west for the NH.
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    Transfer Cabooses (Cabeese)

    I like them too. First picture is a brass N&W unit that I painted for my road. Second picture is one I kitbashed from a flatcar and an old caboose body I had laying around.
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    Derelict builds - Best way to make 'em?

    Not mine. Took this shot a couple of years ago at a show. About as derelict as it gets.
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    Who uses No-Ox

    I've been using ACT-6006 Track & Rail Cleaner ( ) for 3 years. Best stuff I ever used. Cleans well and does not seem to collect airborne dust. Not slippery even on my 3% grades. I apply it with an old lint free cotton handkerchief although the directions indicate it...
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    Brass Locomotives

    I only bought brass if it was something that was not made in any other material and I actually had an interest in it. Not a collector or an investor so yes, I run them and a few are painted. My brass power consists of 3 steamers, 5 diesels, 3 traction cars, and a Mack Bulldog railbus...
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    A street corner in Lisbon

    Very nice! Lisbon is one place I always wanted to visit. Your beautiful work is almost like being there.
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    Truck question.

    I also think the code 88 wheels might be the problem. Another thing could be how loose or how tight the screws are that hold the trucks to the bottom of the car. A bit too snug and the trucks won't swing easily enough to follow the curves in the track. Too loose will make the cars rock and...
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    Windows 10 debackle

    The best thing about Windows 10 as far as I'm concerned is the free upgrade offer has expired and I don't have to keep dealing with the pop up offer. I was perfectly happy with XP for years until the computer crapped out. My current replacement is a Dell running 7 Pro and no complaints...
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    Opinions on Bachmann Spectrum?

    I have 2 Spectrum HO 44 tonners - DC, and a 70 tonner DCC and they run very smooth at all speeds and are quiet. The 44 Ts are the later run with the single motor running shafts to each truck. The 70 tonner has been run at a friend's layout which is DCC and it runs well there also. Also have...
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    Weekly Photo Fun 3/20 through 3/27

    Nothing new from me lately but I'll join in on the caboose week with a couple of shots of LV T2. Ex N&W transfer car in brass.
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    New Locomotive and Sirty Wheels

    It sounds like there was some sort of preservative or lube put on at the factory to keep the wheels from oxidation and it picked up whatever minute dust, etc. that was on the rails. What brand is the loco? I can't ever recall having that problem with Athearn Atlas, or Proto right out of the box.

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