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  1. new guy

    Off topic, perhaps

    Jazzdad always love your posts. excellent find. Keep em coming, you ROCK dude! LOL
  2. new guy

    Running Bear's December 2018 Coffee Shop

    Looking good Dave. You may want to think about running those supports at an angle from the wall at the bottom up to the edge of the shelf. It saves the feet and the layout as you shuffle sideways following a train your feet WILL hit those supports! Just sayin, I've done it and am glad where they...
  3. new guy

    What Do You find to be the Most Enjoyable Aspect(s) of Model Railroading

    I'm finding the entire process fascinating! Building the table, planning and building the road, running the trains, adding scenery, the electronics aspect, researching, models, learning about prototype rail systems, all of it! For "just toys" it can get to be overwhelming at times but very...
  4. new guy

    My adventures in Ho Scale.

    The "paper to table" conundrum. WHY does it not fit? The numbers are the same? LOL I dunno, man! Indeed, I will be setting up and re setting up my track a few times, just to "make sure" i'm not giving myself a self inflicted PROBLEM as we seem to do TOO often with our Layouts! just sayin...
  5. new guy

    Ballasting/weathering track....what about re-railers

    I bought 5 and don't often use them to re-rail, I use em as grade crossings. I found I can get em back on just as easy with/without em as they come off. usually "operator error" not my trackwork that causes de-railments...LOL
  6. new guy

    Long Mainlines....Are They Important?

    Planning for the space I have and what I now know I can do vs what I want to do I'm going to have about 15 feet of storage yard with maybe six tracks just for "off duty" parking and at least 110 feet of main. Plus sidings and at least one more yard. 500 sq feet of table to fill. HO scale. I'm...
  7. new guy

    Running Bear's July 2018 Coffee Shop

    A Fox sleeping on your porch is a good omen, don't drive it away! LOL Gearing up for fishing, have not gone in years. Gonna sit in a boat or sit by the fire for two weeks. Much needed. Upon my return thus refreshed I shall be making a video log of the next incarnation of the layout. I have the...
  8. new guy

    Building a swamp & a Roundhouse - Lights!

    Inspiring work, well done.
  9. new guy

    Running Bear's Coffee Shop June 2018

    Lookin good guys, excellent shots of excellent work. Been layin back chillin. No action on the layout until Aug. Going fishing for ALL of July, gonna sit in a boat or sit by the fire for a few weeks. Should have the scooter fixed soon and I'll be back on the road during daylight hours. BIG...
  10. new guy

    Running Bear's Coffee Shop May 2018

    Been planning, planning, looking at maps and I believe I will be able to re create the major crossing near where I lived as a kid and the initial inspiration behind the basic table design. I thought it was a double main crossing a double main but the map shows a double going to a single just...
  11. new guy

    Running Bear's Coffee Shop May 2018

    WOW! That guy knew what he was doing with that! Got nice and outside work gets in the way of the layout, no problem, it's not going anywhere and neither am I. Hope all is well with all of y'all. Happy Rolling!
  12. new guy

    What color is asphalt?

    Mountain biking the trails I noticed that on the "paved" ones when they are new ya can't se em at night in the woods but after a few years it's like a lit trail and stands out on the blackest night. Depends on how "new" you want it to look I guess, quite a spectrum.
  13. new guy

    Running Bear's Coffee Shop May 2018

    Great pic, awesome work, well done!
  14. new guy

    Running Bear's LXXIII Coffee Shop

    I'm NOT knocking my proto brethren they drive the hobby and if not for them we would not have the way cool stuff available. It's just that I don't know enuff about it to be even trying. It is what it is, yards and side tracks are needed so in that way yea. but trying to model a real area is not...
  15. new guy

    Frustrating Issue ...

    No shame, done it a few times. HAW! Not flexible enuff to kick myself where I should when it happens! Check, check, double, triple CHECK that track! LOL

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