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    Engine identification please

    Definitely a Climax. The Shay is the best known of the geared locomotives, but there are 3 primary styles, Shay (& Willamette), Heisler and Climax. The distinguishing features are the cylinder position and drive line arrangement. Can you read the name on the tender? Also I can't quite make out...
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    Old Guy, New Hobby

    Sometimes new member's posts get caught in our spam filters. We get attacked by spammers 24/7, and routinely have to ban remove several each day. To counter that, we have some automated filters in place. They're not perfect, and sometimes they put a perfectly legit post in the "Hey, better check...
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    New, N train around Xmas tree

    G scale is nice, especially if you have kids, as it's far more forgiving. But just about any scale will work, depending on your needs.
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    Running Bear's Coffee Sbop LXIX

    Even if it's not the only option, it may well be the quickest and easiest. So that's a good way to do it if you don't have a better option.
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    Running Bear's Coffee Sbop LXIX

    Your phone might have an editing program that can save them as lower resolution for the web. If so, I suggest taking them at full res, but then exporting them at the lower file size. Depends on your phone's options.
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    Running Bear's Coffee Sbop LXIX

    Important Announcement: Posting this here as most folks read this topic. Please read this message if you are having trouble uploading images, or want to upload more than one image per post: Let me know...
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    Freight Car Kit Or Scratch Build Contest.

    As a test, I would appreciate if somebody would read the instructions here: and then upload a couple of images. Even if they're not an entry, at the moment I just want to see if it works...
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    Freight Car Kit Or Scratch Build Contest.

    His photos are linked from another site, that's why they seemed to disappear, that site was probably having issues. Meanwhile, I understand some folks are having problems uploading images? What's happening? What errors are you seeing?
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    I -think- that may have been the trip where some railfan backed over the piping at some interlocking tower, breaking it. They couldn't line a switch or lock a signal or something and everything ground to a halt until it was fixed. Normally we ran pretty close to on time. Our max speed was 40...
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    Amish International Speedway, Perryville, MD.

    So, a bit of googling indicates that they did, at one time, make "Sulky" slotcars, featuring a horse and those little two wheeled racing carts. From the looks of them, if you could find a couple, you could possibly kitbash them into horse and buggies. Or, just use the design concept and make...
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    You are correct. They didn't extend it, but they did move the back wall in a bit, to create a larger open platform. Lionel just went with what they had on hand I'm guessing. I was on board the train in Morristown, that was one of my favorite stops. After being on display, we went to the...
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    Amish International Speedway, Perryville, MD.

    Horse and buggy races?
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    There were two sets, one with the GS-4 and 5 cars, and one with a diesel and 4 cars. The steam set sold for quite a bit more. As you mentioned, they go for a premium these days. I'd like to put together a set with the Reading engine, since that's the one I worked on. I have the engine from...
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    HO scale "Operating" display case

    You can easily build your own with a set of rollers like these:
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    Is this a normal sound?

    He probably thinks it's cool, what an awesome sound system! What the heck, run it until it dies, especially since the other option is to toss it.

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