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    Making sense with proto freelancing, found my motive power

    For some time now, I have been planning a small proto freelanced shortline set in north central Indiana. But finding the right "dirt cheap" motive power has been a challenge for me. I have bought and resold several engines as at first they seemed like a good fit, but then I didn't get that...
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    Layout design challenge for a micro layout

    While I can rehab old brass locomotives and build kits to my heart's content. Designing a track plan/scenery plan is something I struggle with. Layout space is 55" by 33" with a tight radius loop of track. Either Atlas Snap or Kato Unitrack in HO scale. Motive power is a lone ex SP Alco...
  3. malletman

    How about some OO, and no, not the UK stuff

    Here is another video of the Hudson running.
  4. malletman

    Question about Flyer S scale 2 rail v Lionel O scale 3 rail

    Your very welcome! Lionel's big push with 3 rail was that is simplified wiring, allowed triggering of track side accessories much easier than Flyers's 2 rail set up. With the advant of blackened center rails or even Lionel's Super O made in the 1960's, the center rail become much less...
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    How about some OO, and no, not the UK stuff

    The fun began after a road trip up north to buy some 3 rail Lionel track for this train. Now we are going in circles and filling the room with ozone!! Had a few teething issues, you can see the sparks from the pilot truck/crosshead area. This normally does not touch, but I found a wheel loose...
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    How about some OO, and no, not the UK stuff

    outside 3rd wasnt common in OO from my reading. But was popular in O gauge, especially before WWII.
  7. malletman

    How about some OO, and no, not the UK stuff

    Nice pics, I used the first Hudson I got and posted above as a parts donor(for now, she will rise again) to bring this full scale version back to life. Basicly a mini 700e(Lionels crown jewel). A NYC J1e Hudson in full scale, first in O gauge in 1937, then in OO in 1938 thru 1942. Hard to...
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    Lionel Continues to Expand it's HO Line!

    I believe Lionel got the rights to the Mantua line a few months ago. Should give them a good footing to make a serious start in HO scale. They have the chance here to reclaim the spot that Athearn used to hold. Those were the "goto" trains, along with Mantua for entry level modelers for...
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    American OO scale trains

    Looking for American OO scale trains(NOT British OO gauge on HO track). These trains run on 3/4 inch wide track and are larger than HO scale. Brands such as Scale-Craft/Scale Models, Nason, Lionel, Schorr, Kemtron, Picard and others. If you have an odd piece or two of these old trains...
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    Track for 3 rail layout

    For brand new track, Atlas O is about the most realistic. For older track, Super O made by Lionel many years ago and findable on ebay is even more realistic IMHO. The thin blade style center rail is much more invisable than any blackened rail. But use whatever is best for you. The ballest...
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    Question about Flyer S scale 2 rail v Lionel O scale 3 rail

    Atlas is nice stuff, would have loved to seen a more narrow center rail like Super O had, Much much more invisible than a standard size rail, blackened or not. One nice thing about Atlas, the ties are UV proof like my LGB G scale track. So it can be used outdoors on garden railways if one...
  12. malletman

    Looking to buy American OO scale stuff

    Looking for American OO gauge/scale stuff from companies like Lionel, Nason, Scale-Craft/Scale Models ect. Overscale HO buildings from Ideal ect. Thanks Mike
  13. malletman

    Two logging books

    Still have these, will trade for/toward American OO equipment from Lionel, Nason, Scale-Craft/Scale Models ect.
  14. malletman


    No outline either. I work, on what I am in the mood to do or having money/material on hand. I have a plan in mind and a vision of what I wish to achieve, as do we all most likely. In past HO railways that were more for "operation", I would develope a back story as to why the railroad exhisted...

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