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  1. macjet

    Hi-Cube Hobbies

    Will the 3D printer make the final product or a lost wax cast? Macjet
  2. macjet

    New layout

    WC: You have numerous reverse curves that simply won't work. I suggest giving this a read: I highly suggest it before you waste any more time and resources. Macjet
  3. macjet

    Any other railroads double head with Union Pacific?

    This is pretty close. The miles are banked and after a certain threshold is reached X amount of power is delivered to run off time. In most service units (most, NOT ALL) it doesn't matter whose power is in the lead. Here in the Fort Worth SU we routinely ran CSX, BNSF, and NS power on the...
  4. macjet

    Went to Fort Worth show yesterday

    The biggest and best train show in Texas is, well, in Oklahoma City. December 4-5 this year. The Plano show is a pretty decent show as well but every show in Texas pales in comparison to the OKC show. Have no idea why.:confused:
  5. macjet

    $676 Walthers car

    That's it. This forum has turned into just another collection of childish armchair know-it-all's. And people wonder why model railroading has such a bad image. Don't worry about "go somewhere else" replies. I've already put in my request to cancel my access here.
  6. macjet

    $676 Walthers car

    Mellow Mike is a talented modeler whether one likes the man personally or not. He is free to sell his products for whatever he chooses and buyers are free to pay whatever they desire. That is the beauty of a free market system. I'm sure no one here ever paid more then "market value" for...
  7. macjet

    $676 Walthers car

    Right. Graffiti artists/vandals are trolling for ideas and inspiration.:rolleyes: Perhaps we should quit making toy guns in an effort to prevent future wars.
  8. macjet

    fast tracks vs. ?

    Spot on! ...
  9. macjet

    Rail car weight

    How much does a set of Kadee metal trucks weight? That might do it without major surgery.
  10. macjet

    Rail car weight

    Don't forget your higher end units from Tangent. Apparently $43 for a covered hopper isn't enough to cover the cost of some weight.:confused:
  11. macjet

    fast tracks vs. ?

    Tankist: I believe about $9. The PC ties and rail are something like $2-3. The laser cut ties from FT are $7.14 or $6.43 for 20+. The ties are the majority of the cost. I have tried using different ties and even had a friend with a laser cut a tie sheet to fit the FT turnouts. Every time I've...
  12. macjet

    fast tracks vs. ?

    There is no modification needed to make FastTracks DCC friendly. Built to spec they are DCC compatible. My frogs were gaped with the smallest jewelers blade possible and are barely wider then a sheet of construction paper. There is no quality comparison between Peco and FT. It's like...
  13. macjet

    Weathered RailBox

    That's what I was thinking.
  14. macjet

    Scenes from a narrow shelf layout

    That is outstanding!
  15. macjet

    The Ideal Model Railroad Store

    28" wide doors with directions to the gym if you can't fit through.:D

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