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  1. Greg@mnrr

    Mounting Circuit Boards under the layout

    I mount my circuits on pieces of pine at least 1x4's or larger and either hang them vertically or horizontally. This is my power area for my DCC, Booster, lighting, switch machine and LED power all mounted on a piece of older pine board. Some items are mounted on the reverse side of the...
  2. Greg@mnrr

    No-Ox or Graphite Treatment substitutes for multiple Track Cleaning

    Beiland: Here's the web address where I copied the photo of the PECO turnout. I read very favorable comments on the use of Track Magic and Joe Fugate of MRH magazine strongly suggests the use of the...
  3. Greg@mnrr

    Go Away Green

    The use of color can be very effective. Flat black is another color (or absence of color) that is used to make items disappear. Items like support columns, pipes, support legs when painted flat black the eye will not see that item as if it disappeared. Gloss and semi-gloss paint will reflect...
  4. Greg@mnrr

    North Metro MRRC

    What a great model railroad club and I like the consistency of the scenery and construction of the layout. I just may plan a trip ti the area to see the layout during an open house. Greg
  5. Greg@mnrr

    Running Bear's September 2021 Coffee Shop

    Tom: I have three drones that only one one has seen and flying time. I have to get going before cold weather gets here. Greg
  6. Greg@mnrr

    No-Ox or Graphite Treatment substitutes for multiple Track Cleaning

    It appears to be rust on the rails.....??? Or it is some chemical reaction to some thing that came into contact with the rails. I would try using Magic Track, since graphite only would improve electric contact. The rails need a good cleaning as well as the contacts a minor cleaning. Greg
  7. Greg@mnrr

    Running Bear's September 2021 Coffee Shop

    Good Morning everyone heavy thunderstorm this morning and now just a heavy over cast. We needed the rain with the near drought conditions. Just enough rain to keep our lawn semi-green. The contractor came last week and applied the late summer fertilizer to the lawn. Tom, Garry & Willie...
  8. Greg@mnrr

    Controller issues

    Or dirty track or even loose rail joiners. Just a thought, your Varey 0-4-0 make just be losing contact with the rails due to its short wheel base since your other locomotive don't appear to have the same problem. A 0-4-0 is very short wheel and is likely to be subject to losing contact. Greg
  9. Greg@mnrr

    Running Bear's September 2021 Coffee Shop

    Garry: Years ago when the Packers were in their terrible years, I built a Campbell Howe Truss bridge at the kitchen table during each Packer game and by season's end I have a beautiful wood bridge for my layout. I had a spot picked out for the bridge and installed it one Sunday afternoon. The...
  10. Greg@mnrr

    Looking for the Toggle Switch Face Plates

    I'm looking for the toggle switch face plates used on the Model Railroad Video Plus Rehab My Railroad "Jones Island" project series. They were installed on the layout's fascia. I could only read what looked like Rail Crew or something close. The plates looked like they were made of aluminum...
  11. Greg@mnrr

    Mail Call! Railway Post Office, commonly abbreviated as RPO has rolled in!

    My new Rapido GE B36-7 (Southern Pacific) locomotive arrived in the mail yesterday. While still in its protective packaging, I can see the many fine details on this locomotive. Tomorrow, hopefully I'll start the breaking period. A complete manual filled with humor accompanies the locomotive...
  12. Greg@mnrr

    Rapido SW1200 Locomotives - Out of the Box Running Problems

    Correction....should be SW1200 not SW1500! Sorry. Greg
  13. Greg@mnrr

    Comment by 'Greg@mnrr' in media '1A69628F-E550-45FC-ADFE-E3643A08970C.jpeg'

    Tom: I've said it before and will say it again...great job on your recreation of a paper mill. Keep up with the great modeling! Greg
  14. Greg@mnrr

    Feeders are "buzzing" on DCC layout

    Just one word of caution about using suitcase connectors. Be positive that the connectors you are using are designed for the wire size you are using for feeders. Don't be tempted to use the wrong size suitcase connector(s) even through it appears that you have a solid connection. Suitcase...
  15. Greg@mnrr

    Rapido SW1200 Locomotives - Out of the Box Running Problems

    Hello to all. I have a question regarding the new release of the Rapido SW1200 locomotives. I read or heard that some or many of the locomotive have rough running out of the box due only to excess lube on the wheel-sets. Once the wheel-sets are cleaned the locomotives will run like a Rapido...

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