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    Battery Operated Trains, Nuclear Diamond Battery technology

    Sounds too good to be true. Would our engines glow in the dark? Could they inadvertently explode with a scale mushroom cloud? Kidding aside, a development like they describe would revolutionize the world once again. What if if the batteries could be large enough to power a car, let alone a...
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    Northtown Yard, Minneapoils

    Are they by any chance retired from service and going back to the manufacturer for componet recovery?
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    Life as an Engineer: Have you ever hit a car?

    JazzDad, isn't it amazing the times we live in where the young are thinking someone else is responsible for their irresponsibilities.
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    Now that Floquil is gone ...

    Badger ModelFlex is acrylic.
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    Now that Floquil is gone ...

    Vallejo Air sprays very nice and cleans up easily. Probably my #1 choice, except for the lack of "rr colors", at least identified as such. Badger ModelFlex is right up there with it, IMO. Sprays nice, doesn't clog the airbrush, cleans out of the airbrush nicely.
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    A railroad you could model-completely to scale :)

    Do they race street cars? Does Nascar do that???
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    Walthers Modern Roundhouse Build

    I posted a response to the discussion on lighting some days ago, but it was held for administrator approval, then disappeared altogether. I don't quite understand this forum policy since I've been a member since 11/16 and have 22 previous posts. In any case, if this one gets through, I...
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    Walthers Modern Roundhouse Build

    Jerome, I'm watching your lighting issues with great interest. The reason for that, I built the Walthers Modern Diesel House, complete with motorized remote control doors, and then set about to do the lighting since it has a fully detailed interior. The lighting is a challenge I have not yet...
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    Walthers Modern Roundhouse Build

    Wow! Great surprise to wake up this morning to discover this thread. Just this past week I ordered the Walther's kits to build one of these roundhouses in about 2/3 of a circle. Seeing what Jerome is doing, and any issues he runs into will save me a lot of running headlong into a brick wall...
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    Dealing with getting old in the Hobby

    Gary B, I'm 82 and planning to start a large layout from scratch. I have no health issues, but every day or two while working on the track plan and preparing the room, I wonder all over again if I'm really up to taking it on.
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    Dealing with getting old in the Hobby

    I'm 82 and returned to the model railroad hobby a year or so ago while still running my business full time. Yes, it gets tiring, and I don't spend as much time at the model bench as I'd like to. I know better than to do so in the evening when I'm tired. While I have no health issues to speak...
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    Avoiding my wife's complaints

    Do you know what breed the cows are?
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    Have you actually ridden a narrow Gauge train?

    I last rode it in about 1963, but have visited it several times since. It's truly an incredible entity to behold.
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    What is up with Ebay?

    I think the MR items that sell high are often in the area of limited edition runs from the past. I've found myself paying more than I should for an engine that hasn't had a production run since 2008 and there aren't any to be found. At the same time, there are plenty of Genesis Big Boys and...
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    Rare model train collection in Queensland

    It's great that the owner chose to donate the collection to a museum. The video piece was good for commercial broadcasting, but it would be cool to see something produced more in depth for rail fans. Some of the scenes in this piece deserve more screen time.

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