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    DCC Concepts Cobalt Switch Machines

    You're comparing apple and oranges! $29.99 is for the "Smail", which is a Tortoise with a built in DCC decoder. ModelTrainsStuff currently doesn't show the regular Tortoise in a single pack, but the 6 pack is $89.99, or $15 a piece.
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    2 turns off analog conversion, 6 does not.
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    DCC CV vales question

    What CV 21 and 22 do is allow the functions to respond to the consist address, you are not actually turning them on or off with the CV setting. The functions normally respond to the original address of the loco, even when it is in an advanced consist. The easiest way to turn off the mars light...
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    Digitrack Digitrax DS52 and servo motors

    No it cannot, it is for solenoid and stall switch machines, not servos.
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    DCC Address for tortoise switch machine

    Yes, you can have as multiple decoders on the same address.
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    NCE Power + E-Z Command Power Booster???

    Yes you can. The Bachmann booster has an opto-isolated input so it can be used on any system; however I don't know why you would want to unless you already have one. The NCE SB5 Smart Booster has the same power (5 amps), costs less, and gives you true walk around capability (you can unplug the...
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    Wiring a Wye with DCC

    Well, there are many different track arrangements that incorporate a wye, but with just a simple single track wye, there really aren't that many options, you can either gap one leg of the wye or you can gap one tail of the wye. In most situations you want to do a tail because then you don't...
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    Wiring a Wye with DCC

    Actually, in my opinion, that is a better way of doing it. Auto-reversers detect a problem and fix it, but it's better to prevent the problem to begin with.
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    Wiring a Wye with DCC

    Note that with this diagram the gap on the left is only necessary if the turnouts you use cause a short on the leg for which they are not aligned. This applies to many, but not all, power-routing turnouts.
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    Loco lighting without a it possible?

    I did not word my previous reply the best that I could, but to clarify, I am not saying there won't be a voltage drop across the resistor, but the resistor value has little effect on the voltage drop across the diode. It's not like an incandescent lamp where you know the current and you adjust...
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    Loco lighting without a it possible?

    Whoa! For the small LED's we use in locomotive lighting, 126 ma is a LOT of current. Most of them have a max of around 20ma. Also, the current rating of an LED is it's MAX rating, you generally want to run them at less than that. Additionally, the resistor does not drop the voltage, the LED...
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    Engine won't stop in reverse with MRC wireless throttle!

    The fact that it only does it with the wireless throttle and the loco works fine with the tethered one also points to it being a controller problem and not the decoder. The first thing to do is make sure you have the most recent version of the wireless controller firmware. I remember when...
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    DC power pack

    Actually, there is quite a bit of difference. The ones in that link will work, but I would not use them. They are simple rheostat throttles - a transistor throttle will give you much better control, especially at low speeds. I don't have any experience with the Railmaster 1300 or 1370, but...
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    Doc track wiring question from a newb.

    DC only engines do not have a decoder.

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