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    Another Fantastic ARG Meet!

    An Andy Griffith -style "GRET BIG" Thanks to Rex !!! Hello Rex and ALL you guys (and Gal-Rex's Wife ) who endeavored to make such a GREAT ARG meet go so well !!! :) Speaking for myself alone , I for one , sure am glad to have the fantastic comaradary in such a super duper hobby as...
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    Tales of today's Alabama Rail Gang Meet

    :) A B I G THANK YOU ALL for the totally sucessful ARG meet !!!! I know I had more fun Saturday having you all over than I have had in many years of model railroading ! Everyone seemed so busy either asking questions about the layout or operational issues that I really didn't get to...
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    Planning for Signals: Need Help!

    Hi Rex ( and of course everyone else too!) Don't spend any money yet until you guys see the layout here ! Hope to see you guys soon ! ( ARG MEET ) . Ray:)
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    Powering Frogs?

    Suggestions for powering turnout frogs :) Hello David. I don't know what type of wiring you have done up to this point but I would suggest you might use a cheap micro size double pole, double throw type switch and do some experimenting using an Atlas layout/ track wiring book available at most...
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    Let's Talk Signals

    Hey GM & LGM , GREAT job on the "scratchbuilts" !!! I just now got a chance to see them for myself. Someone DID their homework ! I will be posting some of my signaling learning curves using Digitrax and JMRI soon . I am looking forward to seeing & meeting old and new MR friends next month ...
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    I'd like to introduce a good friend.

    Hello again guys and thanks for the warm welcome ! It's always a pleasure to have fellow modelers that understand one's insane craving for trains . I had a fairly long day today and am craving my pillow right about now but I will be back after some rest. You guys go on without me for now & I'll...
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    I'd like to introduce a good friend.

    Hello guys, Ray here. I would like to express thanks for the invite to the group and thanks to Grandman and LGM for their patience & persistance in trying to get me to post on here ! ( i AM honored to have been invited ). Anyway, hope everyone enjoys this hobby ( I'm sorry, " Way-of-life" ) as...

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