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    Reflective glass in vehicles

    I have several older (1990s) Walthers fuel oil delivery trucks made of a resin. I no longer have instructions but want to know how best to paint the vehicles glass to get a reflective appearance? TIA. Long story / same question: Years ago when Walthers introduced the Cornerstone line I...
  2. boatwrench

    Taking my Time & Exploring Layout Ideas while Playing w/ SCARM

    Got it, now I understand and see your point. Thank you.
  3. boatwrench

    Making mountains

    An unsolicited tip: pour some cheap tan or grey latex paint into your plaster as you mix it. Should the plaster chip you won't have a white spot in your scenery and the chips look like talus.
  4. boatwrench

    GETTING OVER YOUR FEARS in Model Railroading..

    I get it. I hadn't built scenery outside of urban areas on my pervious layout until my grandson wanted a Jurassic Park themed layout. When it was done received many compliments on how nice the scenery looked. Scenery product, tools and of course YouTube have come along way during my 25 year...
  5. boatwrench

    Comment by 'boatwrench' in media 'Engine Service Shop'

    Enjoy seeing all that SR equipment. Nice photo.
  6. boatwrench

    Taking my Time & Exploring Layout Ideas while Playing w/ SCARM

    Ned the 'S' turns were straightened out when the spurs were made straighter. On the Northeast corner the lead to the three spurs has an 'S' turn, but since this appears to be for locomotives only should not cause trouble. On the northwest center at the top the RH turn out immediately turns...
  7. boatwrench

    Taking my Time & Exploring Layout Ideas while Playing w/ SCARM

    Ned, and MOWboss About the lift bridges, in the thread "Northeast Switching Layout" the OP (and please excuse my lack of acknowledgement by name) showed a photo of hinges on scrap wood that he was testing to use on sectional/module legs. The photo got me thinking this may solve the lift or...
  8. boatwrench

    Need help with short yard

    Iron Horseman that's a nice edition. Do you think there is enough room on reversing loop besides being between two towns possibly used as a paired loads in / empties out industry?
  9. boatwrench

    Modular and Sectional Layouts

    I been thinking of using these latches to hold modules together. I think it would be just as tight a fit as C clamps and / or 1/4" bolts with wingnuts.
  10. boatwrench

    Need help with short yard

    Rico, how would the compound ladder look with the turnouts made for yards? Micro Engineering I think?
  11. boatwrench

    Traction tire sizes?

    Just a suggestion if you have time and are curious. I went and bought o-rings from a hardware store. O-rings used in plumbing have a smaller ring thickness than automobile applications. I figured a handful of o-rings would be less expensive than purchasing the replacement traction tires from...
  12. boatwrench

    Have you actually ridden a narrow Gauge train?

    The Swanton Pacific Railroad located in Swanton which is part way between San Francisco and Santa Cruz, CA was my favorite. The equipment was originally used to transport passengers between San Francisco's Ferry Building and Palace of Fine Arts during the 1918 Pan-Pacific Exposition. Also...
  13. boatwrench

    Need Some Advice

    Late to the station and appears the train has departed. A decade or so ago there was an article in Model Railroader about building sections, 2x4 or 2x6. I think the article was called building a domino and was possibly written by David Burrows builder of the Cat Mountain & Santa Fe. The...
  14. boatwrench

    Switching layout - building selection

    Exciting! I wish I had started small as you can complete a switching layout quicker than a 4x8. Quicker to the fun! A couple of general thoughts. 1. I didn't see a run around track, maybe just below the crossing in the lower photo? 2. Really like the choice of Heritage Furniture, the cars...

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