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    What Era do you Model?

    The era of colorful per diem boxcars.
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    Switching Towers never Die, some become alcoholics

    35+ years ago atop Yerba Buena Island in San Francisco Bay was the old airport control tower for the Pan-Am flying Clipper Boats of the 1930s based at Treasure Island. The Navy turned it into an officer's club. In San Francisco all the small and large yards are torn up and the areas have been...
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    Model Railroader Mag. Inspiration or Intimidation?

    Who has time to clean all that track? Modest spare bedroom size layouts requiring much less preventative maintenance are my favorite like the Georgia Northeastern or the Washington Northern.
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    I retired two year ago January 2018. Went back to school and took many road trips so my time has been eaten up with those activities. Now working off ten year backlog of "Honey Do" projects. MR time still the same, comes in spurts periodically.
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    Comment by 'boatwrench' in media 'DSC_0995'

    Sure looks like Mojave, CA
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    Container Port Ideas & Images

    Almost 20 years ago Model Railroader ran a series of articles on building a shelf Port of Los Angeles layout. It was well designed and as I recall not very large to the point of overwhelming. The Golden Gate MRR Club in San Francisco has a scratched built Los Angeles Station also from plans...
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    Opinions on scale

    True. At 61 jumped back in the hobby with a small N scale set to practice the new techniques developed during my 25 year hiatus. It's for practice before I unpack my HO stuff.
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    Favorite Layouts of Other Famous Modelers...

    Santa Cruz Northern. Great operating concept and was able to visit in the mid-1980s. That visit changed my perspective on modeling a railroad. I was also given a chance to visit Jack Burgess' Yosemite Valley line about the same time. If given a chance would like to see the Washington Northern.
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    Does your homeroad/proto freelance line have a back story?

    Previous layout was the Albany, Sherman Island & Stockton short line operating from Albany, CA to Stockton, CA paralleling the ATSF around Point Pinole on the bay and through Jamieson Canyon before reaching the flats of the California delta. It's main source of revenue was TOFC moving cars that...
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    President Bush's Funeral Train

    The first car after the locomotives looked from an aerial view to have radiator cooling fans. Is this a type of head end power for when the train is pulled by steam? or what is the purpose?
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    Comment by 'boatwrench' in media 'IMAG0813'

    Very nice
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    Comment by 'boatwrench' in media 'Waiting at the Crossing'

    Nice touch with the truck's headlamps
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    MDC Southern Ortner 10,000th Rapid Discharge Car

    From this website, very rare. My guess is there is only one in this paint scheme.
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    Looking for a specific vehicle

    You have amazing web research skills there. I appreciate the information and believe there is a kitbashing project in my future.
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    Comment by 'boatwrench' in media 'B&O 26th St Terminal'

    Fun looking layout. The layout states 3'x14' but the length of the drawing has 17 grid spaces. What are the grid sizes?

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