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    Hot Wheels

    The most common Hot Wheels cars (the ones for a dollar) are 1:64.
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    Comment by 'bnsf sammy' in media 'BN Sawdust Gon'

    Your photo really looks real. As though it was early morning.
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    Did Amtrak Use a Caboose?

    If you are using the MHC cars (ex. ) they can be placed either at the front of the train or the end. The baggage car is almost always placed as the first car after the locomotive. However, if you are using the Box cars (ex. ExpressTrak, Road Railers...
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    Comment by 'bnsf sammy' in media 'BNSF Westbound at Ilmon.'

    Actually this train is on approach to Ilmon, the east end of Ilmon is the switch in the upper part of your photo. Sandcut hasn't been modeled yet.
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    Anyone Own A Tower 55 Loco?

    Update from Tower 55 Looks as though the GE ES44ACs will be out this fall/winter and the EMD SD70ACes in late 2007, early 2008. They are also releasing new models including more BNSF GE ES44DC H3 numbers, BNSF GE ES44DC #7695 (yellow BNSF H3), and UP GE ES44AC with new Building America logo...
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    Mellow Mike's Latest - TTX Bulkhead

    Mellow Mike does some absolutely amazing work with weathering freight cars and kitbashing unique cars. I think what really sells the cars though is the photographs and the way he markets the item. Plus he has a good reputation on eBay for being the best. But it is amzing how much people will pay...
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    Comment by 'bnsf sammy' in media 'Salmon Creek Bridge'

    Good shot! Looks pretty real.
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    Bli Ac6000

    So what is the deal with this new "Blue Line"? Is it lower cost because the detail is not as great as the normal AC6000CW? What is the difference between the Blue Line AC6000CW and the nomal BLI AC6000CW?
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    Comment by 'bnsf sammy' in media 'Working around the clock'

    Very well done lighting. It really makes you feel like you're there.
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    Anyone Own A Tower 55 Loco?

    Definately. They haven't even released the ES44AC in BNSF/CP yet, and those are very similar to the ES44DC. If one was to buy a Tower 55 unit, I would suggest to buy one of the ES44ACs because they are the second run and should have all the bugs that the first release had worked out. I've...
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    Athearn sd75 full hand raill set NEeded

    Here is the link for the parts from Horizon/Athearn. They include the handrails, but not the grabs.
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    Comment by 'bnsf sammy' in media 'Take a break'

    Looks very real and nice job detailing 9101.
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    Any HO F59-PHI Fans? Just ordered one...

    I got a pair of Surfliner F59s, 451 and 458. I weathered both of them and superdetailed 451.
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    Comment by 'bnsf sammy' in media 'At Cliffs'

    Nice shot!
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    Comment by 'bnsf sammy' in media 'San Diego Station'

    Actually, this model is of the Santa Fe Depot in San Diego.

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