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    FAQ: G Scale and Garden Railways

    My opinions on FAQ for G scale Track- Rail sizes 0.350 (LGB, USA, Aristo[ brass,stainless steel) 0.250 (Llagas Creek, Sunset Valley RR [aluminum, nickel silver) 0.215 (Same as above) 0.195? I've heard of it but have never seen it. I personally use code 250 aluminum rail from Llagas...
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    Battery Power?

    $500 doesn't sound overpriced to me. That's what I payed for the installation of my battery power in my USA GP9 ( I liked how the RCS system used a small controller (about the size of a cigarette pack) that can fit in you pocket :D If your going to install batteries, why not put...
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    Which track to use?

    Kevin- It's not a straight out easy answer for the "right" kind of track. The first consideration I would think of is track power or battery power. If you use battery power it is a lot easier to keep track clean, and you don't need to worry about the conductivity of the rail. Rail can be bought...
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    F&CGR Back on Track

    Erick- Congrats on getting into the big stuff. ;) According to LGB all of their locomotives will run on 4' curve with out derailing. I worked at a hobby shop and we played with one of the LGB mallets, it will run around a 4' curve but not to realistic. I would say stick with 8' or better...
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    Hosted My first run.

    Nice layout NVTiny keep the good work up. You mentioning 5 trains on 1000 feet of main reminds me of a graden layout I ran on for a few years. The owner had about 1600' of mainline run, with weekly operations. At one point we would have anywhere from 10 to 16 trains running at once. :D Hopely...
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    Aristocraft sound

    Don't waste any $ on aristrocrap sound or loco's in my opinion. If you want a good sound system spend a little bit more money around $200 for a serria or phenix sound system. They sound great and have many functions that you can access.
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    Wiring question

    If you end up going with battery power, you can custom make batteries to fit your locomotive. I've seen the RCS intstalled in locos a as small as a one truck Shay (with about an 1 1/2-2 hour battery life) or as big as my GP9 which has lots of room for batterys. :)
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    Wiring question

    What company are you going to use for battery power? I would suggest Remote Control Systems of Australia (yes they have dealers in the states). I have seen and have G gauge locos equiped with their system and they seem to work the best. The handheld controller is about the size of a cigratte...

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