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    I see where someone suggested 110# stock from Staples.
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    What exactly is cardstock?:cool:
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    Train App for iPhone

    For you operations fans, here's an app for your iPhone. Sounds like a lot of fun. 15. Trainyard Express Trainyard Express is a maddening brainteaser. The point of the game is to build a track to guide the red colored train into the red colored...
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    Modeling the NY City Transit "EL" Lines

    Heaping superlatives on ya! Great tremendous modeling. I rode the old orange trolleys in Washington PA during the late 40s and early 50s. Our town also had an interurban that ran to Pittsburgh. Great memories.
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    Styrene Suggestions

    Thanks for the tips. Just the sort of stuff I wanted to know.
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    Styrene Suggestions

    I'm back in the hobby after 50 years and have never worked with styrene. Don't think it existed way back when. So I'd like to try my hand at scratch-building an O gauge structure. What thicknesses of styrene should I get, how many sheets of what size, and what glue is best. I'll probably brace...
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    which camp are you in ??

    ---- Boy, I agree with Geared Steam. MRH is great, and yeah, the Gazette is definitely a masterpiece. I subscribe to it, MR, and MRC, but the Gazette is by far the best. Don't think I'll renew MR; almost all HO, not much O scale. Not yet sure about renewing MRC.
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    Coffe shop XXXIV - 9/10/12

    Nothing to put in LR? More trains!
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    Discoverd the Gazette

    I was browsing eBay MRR magazines and ran across the Narrow Gauge and Short Line Gazette. I bought a back issue and, man, am I impressed. A class magazine with beautiful photos on high-quality paper. Kudos to the editor and publisher. It's got me thinking narrow gauge now
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    S scale

    Eyesight's not very good, have slight hand tremors from years pf certain medications (and probably from aging), and HO gauge, which I really like, is too small to work on. So my question: is S gauge popular enough these days to be feasible, are plenty of products available, or do I have to move...
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    More E Bay shennagins ---- Wackos

    eBay not what it used to be About 11 - 12 years ago , we downsized into a high-rise apt.and sold a lot of stuff on eBay. In those days, very little new stuff from stores was offered. Most of the Sellers were individuals or Mom & Pops, as large stores and large corporates hadn't quite figured...

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