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  1. Ballhog24

    Arkansas N scalers

    thanks; sorry I've been away for awhile; spent some time on another board that I frequent, and have been working on the layout...don't have much done to it...but hopefully getting there sometime. A club in Memphis??
  2. Ballhog24

    HO on a shelf

    I'm considering an HO shelf layout around my hobby room; I would like to get some suggestions from you folks. For the different size shelving, what number of tracks would fit comfortably? 1x6 shelving 1x8 shelving I'm not considering anything fancy, but would like to have at least...
  3. Ballhog24

    Tracks For (G Scale)

    Shorty, I don't mean to butt in here, but I want to make sure of something. If the track you purchase is brass or stainless steel, then yes it's good to run outside with very little cleanup. If you have aluminum track, then no, that should not be placed outside. Some will argue, but...
  4. Ballhog24

    Forum not very moving

    Ok, so this forum is not necessarily a hot bed for G or large scale railroaders... Anyone have some other forums that you're members of that are more involved?
  5. Ballhog24

    Starting from scratch; new layout

    Thanks guys and gals, What is even more exciting than this, is we've already started our plans and remodels for 2006!! The Shadow Creek and Augusta Railroad is on the drawing board, complete with over 450 feet of mainline track, another 100 feet of short line and sidings, and at last count...
  6. Ballhog24

    Starting from scratch; new layout

    Updates Good day to you all. I've been remiss in updating this thread, so I thought I would give you all a little update as to whats been going on. We have just under 100ft of track in a basic loop, 35+ feet long, and 16+ feet deep. After having a couple weeks of frustrating running with...
  7. Ballhog24

    Newbie needs layout design suggestions please

    Thanks Darrell, I have a question. I am using flex track. I have flex track and three turnouts, two left, one right. Can I solder the track joiners together to make it a little more permanent?
  8. Ballhog24

    Newbie needs layout design suggestions please

    Good morning! I need some suggestions from you veteran N scalers...I'm putting a layout underneath my dining room table, and not sure just how to go about it. The space is 58" by 34", and I'll have a 3" heigth clearance to work with. It's mainly for a Christmas layout, but if it looks...
  9. Ballhog24

    1/87 Vehicles at Hobby Lobby

    I was at Hobby Lobby today at lunch, and came across a big assortment of vehicles, mostly trucks, box vans, diesels, etc. in 1/87 scale. They are very pretty machines, priced about $3.99 each. I got some stuff for my G scale layout there at lunch, and probably going by there after work to...
  10. Ballhog24

    Need help figuring corners

    Gotcha. Just thought of another question, if you don't mind. Does anyone here use RR Track as a track diagram program? Any pro's or cons about it that anyone knows? Or is there something better available?
  11. Ballhog24

    Need help figuring corners

    Droolings? That's only going to be about 150 feet of track lady...certainly that's not very big by large scale it?
  12. Ballhog24

    G Track opinions

    Guaranteed. The Mrs. told me last night that she's worried I won't have the layout running by the time we turn the Christmas display on. She said that my desire to "want to do this or that better" might get in my
  13. Ballhog24

    Need help figuring corners

    Thanks Lady, Didn't see a template, but I have been on the AC web site a bit...I'm calling hobby shops all around the state trying to find someone who can order track for me so I can avoid the massive shipping costs from ordering online. I did talk to two in Little Rock here...
  14. Ballhog24

    Need help figuring corners

    My apologies. I figured posting in the G scale forum would be a dead give-away. :D I'll be using G scale track, 332 code, Aristocraft track with Euro ties.
  15. Ballhog24

    Need help figuring corners

    Ok, I don't want to blindly order curved track and "hope" it fits in my layout... so I'm hoping a little help, or someone can point me in a right direction. So far my layout is approximately 30 feet long and approximately 15 feet wide. My two straights will be 20 feet long, and 18 feet...

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