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    California Rail Civil War Era?

    Here would be a good place to start research: As to Southern California in the 1860's, there was little American or European settlement east of the the coastal areas originating from the Spanish colonial period...
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    Bachmann Announcements

    Does Bachmann USA produce a quarterly announcement of what is coming the same way Bachmann Europe/UK does?
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    Roundhouse diorama

    Hattons in the UK has over 10 LK-156 Loco inspection pit for finescale code 75 track in stock. They do easy worldwide mail order and accept us Visa MC and Amex credit cards and PayPal. Don't be put off by "Code 75". You can use Code 70 or 83 rail. The Code 75 also looks fine. The price in UK...
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    HO Electrofrog Turnouts

    I have now given up and am now installing keep/stay alive capacitors in any HO steam locomotives with turnout power problems. At the moment I am 100% Peco turnouts. I use a mix of Electro-frog, Insul-Frog Unfrog, USA Code 83, UK Finescale Code 75 and a pair of Set Track curved 18/22 R...
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    Postal Service Slow Down

    Inconsistent at best, I just received an order via USPS from Tichy in western North Carolina to my suburb east of Oakland, California in 4 days. And a set of decals from NY via USPS a week ago from Speedwitch from back when they were selling decals after 41 days. In December Amazon was using...
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    the cotton mill era in Lancashire - Satanic Mills

    The Satanic Mills are not mills on the Satanic river.....the term comes from William Blakes poem protesting the effects of the early industrial age in 19th century England. The hymn "Jerusalem" is based on Blake's poem set to music. It is almost cliché in England these days as a patriotic piece...
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    Anyone use Mianne benchwork?

    I started a new small layout in the Spring of 2019 and found little seasoned pine that was usable at a reasonable price. I used poplar which while expensive was true cut. I built L girders with 1 X 3 and 1 X 4 lengths. Joists are 1 X 2 poplar. Most lumber was found at Home Depot lumber...
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    Plastic shims under turnout throws for smoother motion??

    I am using Peco Code 83 turnouts directly on Woodland Scenics foam roadbed on my new layout. I have not seen any problems with the turnout throws but have not ballasted any turnouts yet on the new layout. The track locations are not yet 100% final due to pending construction of a 75 foot...
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    Paint Recommendations

    Vallejo doesn't market their colors with railroad names but there are some that are downright excellent matches for specific RR colors. I have been working on a series of SP cabooses that the pre-synthetic paint on wood mellowed a darker shade of maroon rather than typical SP freight car red. I...
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    Who all is shunning DCC and staying Analog control?

    Moving on beyond DCC to WiFi direct locomotive control. Still using DCC NCE SB3a for track power but not control. First experiment is with F7 ABBA set that will move on to battery's in the dummy B units. Successful thus far. This way I can still use the DCC controlled engines until I upgrade...
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    Model Railroader Mag. Inspiration or Intimidation?

    Mainline I miss. Running Extra for MRH is getting really good. Historical group publications, specialist web blogs and group forums have picked up the slack from the publications that died and carry a lot of the more technical stuff. Craftsman is hit or miss each month. And my interests are...
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    2020 New Products from Oxford Miniatures in HO

    Oxford has announced the following at the London Toy Show 87BCE54001 Buick Century Estate Wagon 1954 Ranier Blue/Arc NEW TOOLING 87CB42001 Chrysler T & C Woody Wagon 1942 Regal Maroon NEW TOOLING 87DP48001 Dodge B-1B Pick Up 1948 Truck Red NEW TOOLING 87IC59001 Imperial Crown 2 Door Hardtop...
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    What is STEAM PUNK?

    If you can get Acorn TV (I do on ROKU) there is the very recent murder mystery with comic touches in the New Zealand Brokenwood Mysteries in which the victim is the owner of the local Brokenwood model train store located in an abandoned station. He and his friend are also promoters of the local...
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    Model Railroader Mag. Inspiration or Intimidation?

    How can I put this gently...for the last 20 years Model Railroader has been insipidly uninspiring and boring. Try the online and free Model Railroad Hobbyist
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    Considering returning to the hobby....ideas?

    Try the new Hornby "steam punk" 4mm/HO track line of engines and wagons and let your imagination go wild......

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