Disaster Strikes !!!!

Disaster Strikes !!!!

This model was sitting on my test track for the last few days. It seems that it got really hot out in the shop and a tube of glue on a shelf above the test track exploded and dripped all over this side of the model.

This is not glue like Elmers white glue (I could just peel that off), this is WeldOn (#16 I think), a glue designed for bonding acrylic ... it bonds by actually chemically melting the mating surfaces so that they become one. So, a bunch of this glue sitting on a plastic model tends to melt the plastic under the glue :(

I almost threw the model against the wall, but then logic kicked in and I realized that if I can build this model I certainly can fix it as well :)
I'll give you a ten just for the story and follow up on repairs!
You've got much more patience than I would have had, I'd likely had done the wall thing!
Excellent modelling by the way!
What a mess,,, i would have been well hacked off, but you managed to fix it up again, top marks :)
Glad to hear/see that you managed that disaster. Don't know whether I would have been able to make a comeback like you.
Congratulations & my honest admiration for your fighting spirit!

...And here I thought I was the only one that had stuff like that happen. I know I would've done "the wall"! I'll add my vote of confidence

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