what have you built from scratch?

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grove den

naturally natural trees
Crandell Thank you sir!.
Steve B
i did these buildings a few years ago
: that's great Steve! Thought it were- ready to make_ buildings from Walthers, and the weathering with cement powder: I'll have to "write that one down" so I'll not forget it . Simpel but great effect Steve! thanks for the hint/trick.
Dave I have started too with an attempt to make a small dock near a pond...........BTW cannot see it is oversized? It looks(ed) very well!
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Johnny Thank you sir.
Yes, I think a castle can...
BTW I found another picture in my archifs: small steamenginehouse plus syply equipments( water and coal..)
All made with cardboard white glue and ordinary paint(goache) and one small tinythread from the flowershop...
Again scale N

Ok, THAT flippin' scene is awesome!! Man that looks good.



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Steve--Some very creative work, I am amazed what an artist can do with the media he or she choses. Nice work indeed.
Inspiring thread!

The only thing that I have ever attempted to scratch build was a small dock on my previous layout. It was way oversized but I liked it. I might even find a spot for it somewhere on my new layout.
After looking at some of the photos in this thread, I'll probably stick with kits.:D



Dave your lil' ole scene takes me right down to the water. VERY effective!! Nice.



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Here is what I have left of a 1/4" Circus Train I built for a Display in Indiana. There were a total of 15 cars; 1-elephant, 2-horse(stock), 7-flats with wagons, and 5 coaches. I did the extra car for my display and never finished it.....someday. It is lettered for an 'On-Air' name I used while in radio. I went by the name Johnny Winston and added 'flying circus' for giggles.

The car is 18" Long and was built following blueprints from a museum. It is an Elephant Car. Protos of this type were 72' long.


Sorry about the quick, un-pro photo:eek:

Great stuff in this thread, some real talent!!

Happy modeling,


Steve B

Paul love the coal loader, that's given me an idea.
Dave that is a great scene you have done.
Johnny you have done some great stuff in your time Johnny, don't worry about the picture, i don't worry about mine


Running the MC & Buffalo
Truly awesome work guys Jos love those buildings, Johnny really nice elephant car, Gatrodave nice lazy fishing there !!!

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