WEEKEND Photo fun 4th - 7th May

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L&N Castle

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This second set of photos was done in Alex City. Oh yeah, Eric, in one of the photos you'll see a set of tracks that are no longer connected to the mainline. From the look of it,I think at one time,there was a place to unload sand and gravel cars,as there is a pit,that looks like it was where there was a convyer of some sort. At least that was what i guessed it was.:cool:.William.

L&N Castle

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Okay, The first photo was taken at a crossing outside of downtown Alex City,and the rest were shot in downtown Opelika. The yard is as I guess is used by the CSX(the formerWofa)as a transfer yard and through tracks to and from Montgomery. There was a switcher parked down there,but it was shut down. The caboose is an old Southern Railway caboose that has seen better days. The former Central of Georgia mainline is in the back ground. This station site,by the way,is where the Central of Georgia and Western Railway of Alabama crossed each other,and at one time,there was two tracks that actually crossed,but now there is said to be only one of each that actually cross one another. As for my sleep test,well,I gotta go back for one more,and then maybe,I'll now what type of Cpap machine I'll need for a good night rest:eek: :rolleyes:. Any way,I hope y'all will enjoy the photos.When I go back,I'll try to get some more. Enjoy.William.
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Grove Den
Cool looking trees and great layout shots!

Neat looking locos!

Steve B
Great proto shots!

Neat set of shots!

It will be see how things turn out!

Awesome shots!

Great progress!

Neat set of proto shots!

Steve B

Great photo's everyone, William good to see you here William.

The yarrow valley sub de construction under progress
The last train about to depart

And a week later


and a nice clear site

L&N Castle

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Afternoon Guys. I'm glad y'all enjoyed the pics. Steve,I got a question,in your photo posts,where you have all the construction equipment,are you redoing your yard area? From the look of things,you have quite a project going on there. William.

Steve B

OK, the plan is this
1. to build a 12ft by whatever fits layout based on a British MOW yard that recycles old ballast from track renewal jobs and also dispatches new clean ballast for track laying job's. there will also be a local commuter station close by as well, The boss (Robert 7)want's constant running so he can drive a coal train round sounds simply but will prove interesting to do in a 12ft space,, but maybe the space will grow Mmm if i move that and move this, who knows, the main thing here is to build it in sections so it can travel to shows.

2. I am also keeping a small shelf layout dedicated to American railroading which will consist of a small industrial complex for a single MP15 to switch out


S.L.O.&W. Trainman
Just to finish out the weekend here...... Especially for you folks that go nuts for MOW equipment. Hope you like these found sitting for the weekend in front of the old Lisk Enamelware plant in Canandaigua, NY!:D Found on the Finger Lakes Railway ROW. (BTW, I was not trespassing the photos were taken from the Finger Lakes Trail that goes next to the tracks on the Northern Central ROW.






S.L.O.&W. Trainman
Ray thats a nice tamper you found there and the first machine, is it a ballast cleaner ??

I have no clue???? The era I model used something called "Gandy Dancers" for all this stuff. ;) :D Hopefully someone will chime in and give us both an answer........

L&N Castle

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Evening guys. The machine in Ray's post, is in fact a ballast tamper. The sensors on the front of the machine are for making sure the track is in proper alignment. William. If you want to see one in operation,try to get a copy of Pentrex's video that's called "Working on the Railroad". The tape shows a Norfolk Southern T&S gang working on one of the main lines in Indiana.It also shows a BN work train on the Cuba Subdivision in Arkansas,during one of the BN's Maintence Blitzes. A good tape.William.

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