The greenbrier logging and coal co

I hope i can too. Gonna keep orders for the track and scenery stuff for the layout. I also unplugged the layout and covered it with a plastic cover. Not much else to do . These braces really hurt when i try much of anything
I have been fighting these braces and paying for it. I took them off one day for a couple of hours to see if they would stop hurting and they pretty much stopped hurting. A couple of days later i got in the mood to do something on the layout. I got the track loose in the tunnel and laid down 3 of the left turnouts like i need them and I got that down but not glued down. My hands started bugging again so i stopped. Maybe next time i can get the turnouts glued down before the hands start hurting again. Shots below. Laters


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I haven't done anything on the layout since last time i posted on April 13. What i have been doing is to buy the track and other stuff for the new section. My biggest hurdle is finding 36 turnouts. LH's are out there and just need to find the best deal and go for that. The RH turnouts are a whole other story. I found one the other day and i got it and its on the way to me from Japan. I need one more of them so I am on the hunt.The braces are not really helping much or that seems to be not helping. My left hand the fold of skin between the forefinger and thumb somehow got cut with the brace on. It didn't do that on the right hand so i am not sure how it got that cut. I miss working on the layout but the braces don't give me much movement to do much of anything so its in limbo. I may have to get shots if the braces don't do what the doctor wants. I almost want to take the braces off and leave them off but My wifey and doctor would jump down my throat with both feet. I guess thats about all i have to say for now. Miss doing what i need to do on the layout. Catch you all later, smoke
I finally found another in Australia. It won't be here till Mid-July. The one i got from will be here Mid-June. So i got the 2 RH#6 turnouts i needed. I found a plan in n-scale that i am going to try and build as a company store and post office. that will take awhile. Still stuck with the braces so not doing much yet, but working out of my head to paper as to how i want the changes to be made. I got the time, just need to figure the door area the mounting of the hinges and the tunnel entrance. I am trying to do a bit at a time so it is slow. Anyway thats it for now. Maybe next time i will have some photos to go along with the text. Laters, Smoke