The 395 Floodlight Tower


Lionel 3 Rail
Here is the latest fix it.



Just wondering if anyone has one and have, they modified the lighting arraignment?
Parts are on the way, and I am thinking of using, 14 volt bulbs instead of the original.
Update, I am missing pictures. I did upgrade the lighting to 14 volt bulbs. It was very simple. Jut feed two wires from each of the electrical clips wrapping them around the center pole to the light housings, The connect the a wire to two opposite polarities. The center rail powered housings were connected to the common clip and the common housings were connected to the center rail clip (the center rod connection).
It was noticeable with the extra wires showing but it all depends on your personal preference.
To make of lack of pictures, I have a 394 Rotary Beacon.
This one was painted and after some cleaning, the red cam through.



Stripping was done in a shopping bag.


Then primer is added.


The ladder and center rod were touched up after a little sanding.

And the finished product.

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Looks great!👍

Something to keep in mind as far as light bulbs go................

Don't pay extra for a 14 volt bulbs if you can find 12 volt automotive bulbs cheaper that will fit. Reason being: Automotive charging systems normally operate at right around 14+ volts anyway, the whole time the auto is running. And the bulbs hold up just fine, because they're actually 14 volt bulbs too! 12 volt is just a nominal figure that refers to the battery and electrical system more than anything, so they also refer to the auto bulbs as "12 volt" to imply compatibility with 12 volt systems.

Incandescent automotive bulbs come in different wattage's. The greater the wattage, the brighter they are. And the more heat they put out. I would go with the lowest wattage bulbs you can find, so as to limit the heat output. They're still generally bright enough for most accessories. Although I'm not sure about the Lionel beacon lights that actually operate on the light bulb heat. Hopefully a low wattage bulb would produce enough heat to make them spin, but if not, one might have to up the wattage for a little more heat.

At any rate, keep on keepin' on, 'cuz I'm doing the same here! :)👍
I skipped over the assembly in pictures, but his is the older tower with a dimple bulb. @Mixed Freight you are right about the wattage. If only you can get a heat resistant cap to support the revolving Lense.