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Drum Driver
WOW liked all the hobbies but the snake!!!! LOL
I have too many going...So I call work a hobby..LOL

My drums, my truck, and my bike!


play every day
I do my summer hobby all year round...


...canyon carving on a supermoto. :)
Man I feel like a slacker! My other hobby is throwing Knifes and Tomahawks. My record shot is a 65 ft throw with one of my "Norse Hawks". Something real satisfying about that solid, final thunk of a good stick.

Terry in Sunny Florida


Noodle is good
Wow, thats a really special hobby/sport , in facts, first time i heard about it(or read :D) are you doing some competition or is it just for fun ?
Julien I assume you were referring to my "Throwing" hobby. Its something I started doing about ten years ago just for fun. Self taught. I have a couple of targets set up just off of my back deck. One for knifes/bayonets etc small bladed stuff, Then I have a heavy duty target for Tomahawks/lawnmower blades/double bit axe etc. I think it makes the chickens nervous though because I notice they all run and hide at the far side of the run when I am throwing, lol

Terry in Sunny Florida


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Geeeez, hey Terry, you could be on one of those shows where you throw the knives at the hot model chick trying to hit the balloons around her body! LOL
Motley, I'm thinking that would be a really short run show. Not to mention difficult to get volunteers, especially after the first one gets it. lol

Terry in Sunny Florida


New Member
I always thought being a car guy was fairly different from the average model railroader/rail fan, makes sense though, it's just another large machine I'm enamored with. Maybe it's just unusual for my region. :D


Haven't had a chance to retouch this one yet and take out the rig.

Charles Smiley

Yep, it's all about horsepower and noise! :D

Sadly, I had to get rid of this car. It was the fastest in-class, but it cost me 10 years of modeling. Both in money and time. Now someone else owns it and goes to vintage racing events.

vato loco

Just a Foolish Saint!
When My son and I get the chance we go Airsofting and get shot at or we hang out at some beach. But 90% of our summer is spent working!

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