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Hello MRR Forum Members,

Continuing with fotos from my now-defunct website and rather than let them gather cyber-dust, figured one-more-time might find a few out there with interest.

Posting four (04) at a time from my archives. Nary a one was taken professionally nor with elaborate foto-gear; just point 'n shoot most with the lens up against my bedroom, business class or car rear vestibule windows.

Details along the way, however aside from dates - my recollection may be hazy due to the passage of time. (The transfer from website to disk did not provide for the narratives). Here we go!

(5) From the rear vestibule (in Texas) aboard the northbound Amtrak Texas Eagle from San Antonio, TX to St. Louis, MO
(6) From the rear vestibule (in Colorado) departing the Moffat Tunnel aboard the westbound Amtrak California Zephyr from Chicago, IL to Sacramento, CA
(7) El Cahon Pass (between the San Bernardino Mountains to the east and the San Gabriel Mountains) in California aboard the westbound Amtrak Southwest Chief from Chicago, IL to Los Angeles, CA
(8) Looking north at the Pacific Ocean - Pismo Beach, California (lunch stop, driving from Sacramento to Solvang, CA

(05) July 10th 2016 - Foto of the Week - Taken  Sep 6th 2015.jpg(06) July 17th 2016 - Foto of the Week -  Taken Oct 22nd 2011.jpg(07) July 24th 2016 - Foto of the Week - Taken Jun 4th 2011.jpg(08) July 31st 2016 - Foto of the Week - Taken Dec 23rd 2014.jpg

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Tom in Missouri
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Absolutely concur with your comment regarding the rail route of the California Zephyr being the most scenic of all that Amtrak operates.
While I have booked travel both-ways from Chicago to Sacamento on numerous occasions, my favorite is the westbound because the 2nd day begins with departure in Denver and the remainder of the day is in the mountains and canyons of Colorado; simply magnificent.

Over the decades I have been fortunate enough to have traveled all of Amtrak's long-distance routes along with many aboard VIA Rail and BC Rail in Canada.

Appreciate your comment!

Tom in Missouri
Boy, I would consider the hi-line from Sandpoint to East Glacier. Most of the time it is in the early am, or late at night. I got lucky once when we went from Everett, WA to the Issak Walton for a weekend stay. Train was late ( really late ) leaving Everett, was 0600 the following morning instead of 1730. We broke down in Wenachee and left the following morning early so I saw it all: Cascades, Kootenai Canyon and Glacier were all in the daylight.