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Thanks. I wish I could claim the credit, and I would have been proud to do so. Unfortunately, another gentleman did this and then decided to unload it. He contacted me and asked if I wanted the locomotive. Sight unseen, I said yes. Regrettably, it stopped working shortly after I received it, and so it is/was back in his hands. He sent me the replacement, the one I show over the trestle. That layout was destroyed, at my hands, 11 years ago.


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Time for a steamer:


Or, two:

This "work a day" scene, as i like to call it with 3700 series looking like it's being positioned on turntable is absolutely awesome. What makes this great in my opinion is the fact that the steamer is not perfectly posed on turntable itself, but looks like it's been caught by lucky railfan just getting at the roundhouse area. This would look awesome also in black and white. Too bad you have got rid of the layout as you mentioned. I'm hoping you've kept this piece of railroad.


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A couple weeks ago I was invited to operate on Rob Carey's amazing N-scale layout. This is one of the trains I drew, a short transfer out of Pueblo yard. Rob's layout is featured in the June 2013 issue of Model Railroad Hobbyist magazine:
and on YouTube:

Later in the session, I drew the job switching the cement plant in the background. I had 28 cars total at the site and still got it all switched without fouling the main.



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Might be old news, but it's new to me:

1944 built Santa Fe 2926, a 4-8-4 Northern, moves once again under its own power after 70 years in hibernation.

This greyhound could make 110 mph back in the day. Spectacular.
In my eyes the best proportioned 4-8-4 in the world. They also did some of the longest single steam runs in the world, with same engine starting in Chicago and running on its train all the way to LA.


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Welcome back to the thread. I'll continue the Missoula theme-- I've spent many a day there for work and always enjoyed it for the scenery, local establishments, and train spotting right in town. Although it's been a few years since I was there last, I should be seeing it again in the near future due to a change in positions at work.

Look carefully and you'll see a warbonnet in this eastbound consist starting out of town. I'm standing on the slopes of Mt. Sentinel, which is faintly visible in Kriegslok's first picture above, albeit on a nicer day.


A moment later and the train is heading into Hellsgate Canyon along the Clark Fork River. On the right side of the river you can see a dirt trail, which is the former Milwaukee Road mainline to Tacoma and Seattle. It has been converted to a trail and there are still some remnants of the former railroad along it, including signal lights and the preserved station in town.


Pictures taken in 2009.


Same Ol' Buzzard
More from the layout, this time another shot of the north staging yard with a pair of GP40X's in the foreground and a pair of GP60's behind them.
02-05-20 003.JPG

Note that the horns on the GP40X on the right have been moved to the center of the long hood; the headlight not seen, has been moved from above the cab to the front of the nose. Santa Fe made these changes in the late 80's to the entire fleet to reduce noise in the cab and to reduce glare from the headlight. The GP40X's are Athearn RTR, the GP60's are P2K.
Here's the same two plus another GP40X headed through the town of Vernon.
03-12-19 020.JPG

Here's a trio of CF7's traveling through Charlottesville.
07-01-19 005.JPG

All of my CF7's are Athearn RTR.
And now a pair of SD40-2's traveling out of Vernon. Note here too, the lead loco has been shopped to move the horn and headlight. They did this over a period of a couple of years. This pair is also Athearn RTR.
12-14-18 001.JPG

Here is a GP60B sandwiched between a pair of GP60M's.
12-14-18 011.JPG

Another shot of these Athearn RTR locos.
12-14-18 012.JPG

ATSF liked the GP60 series, having 40 of the standard cabs in the blue/yellow warbonnet scheme as pictured in the first photo, 23 GP60B's and 63 GP60M's. They were the only road to purchase the B & M units.

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