One A Day

Those are some nice looking models!

THANKS for posting!
Beautiful 4-6-0, and the bridge is a dandy as well!

Very nice! Dave LASM
Thank you very much! That engine is quite special to me. It was/is my first brass engine , but I also got it from a friend who has unfortunately passed since then. He did get to see it completed, however. The spot where I took the photo is actually one of favorite locations on the layout, it's the turntable at my Old Colorado City roundhouse.
Gunpowder Train heading to a South of England port passing Crown Point Yard.

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A Wetherby to Leeds Central freight train, locomotive 'East Keswick' is in charge. The freight is from around Edinburgh with onward shipment south.

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A couple very nice scenes. The smoke is a nice touch, the views well placed in respect to the backdrops, and your signature foliage is pleasant.

Well done.
Are you making a burned out brick building? That is something I have not seen on a layout, however have seen them in real life. Always enjoy seeing the big power BNSF.

THANKS for posting! Dave LASM
That is a 3D-printed building shell that a friend made for me. Not sure what to do with it long-term, but it makes a nice abandoned building for now. He's a N-scaler.