On30 + Slotcar

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Hey guys

I'm in the process of building an On30 model RR with 1:32 scale slotcar track in one. It's a big jump for me, as not that great at scenery, but i take my time and ask questions to get it right.
I have in the shed

There is NO layout designed. As its pretty hard to squeeze in a 5" slot-track and RR within confined spaces (both directions). Yes, I did think of Pt2Pt rail, but the idea of incorporating the 2 was to have a RR X'ing. (There is a safe mode that when the train approaches the booms will start to come down, and the power will be cut to the slotcar, hence a race to beat the train.)
But apart from that, the rail will be operational as well with a logging theme.

So on with it ...
I've started to work this in modules to tackle a mammoth task and that it's summer here and 40deg heats in a tin shed aint the place i want to be working in.

Got the log wall on the harbour done, just a bit more little and construction of the pier started.



Just painted yday, now onto the pier and wharf area.
Just a question on the pier... i've seen where people have embedded the rail in, now i'd like to get rid of the plastic base the tracks sit on, how do you guys secure the track (individual rails) down and how to keep the width ?



Fleeing from Al
Brendan, that's a very ambitious project. I take it you're in Australia? Railroad tracks are pretty sensitive to high heat in terms of expansion and contraction. Have you considered how to handle that?

In terms of the pier tracks, the easiest way to do this is build up your pier surface around the tracks rather than trying to lay down the the rails separately. You would still be faced with having to make the surface of the pier level with the top of the rail anyway, so just using ready made track is a lot easier. You can glue the track to the subsurface with latex caulk and then use either foam core or styrene to make the pier surface. .080 inch thick material would be about right. Just butt it up to the outside web of the track and use latex caulk to glue it down. Cut a narrower and less thick section to fit between the rails, leaving enough room for a flangeway, use the same latex caulk to glue it down. You can then weather the suface to look like concrete, asphalt, or even wood, if you get some board face styrene. It sounds harder than it is but at least you won't have to worry about your rails coming out of gauge.


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Been working a little more.
Poured the water for the harbour today.
Laid the rail on the pier.
Next to the roadway next to the log wall






Marty, it runs on steam!
I'm still trying to wrap my head around the scale issues... 1/48 with 1/32? Those cars are going to look HUGE cvompared to the trains!


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I'm still trying to wrap my head around the scale issues... 1/48 with 1/32? Those cars are going to look HUGE cvompared to the trains!

Unfortunately dont have the money nor the space for a G scale layout... the good thing though, i can use 1:48 cars if i like too, but we are 1:32 racers. I'll show you the scale as soon as i get myself a Shay or little critter... (anyone got one they'd like to sell ?) On30 ... battered up and bruised .. doesn't matter. As long as she runs.


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What did you use for the water? It looks good.

I followed the master Shamus.. (rip) Marine Varnish .. damn expensive but the goods huh .. base coat of Stone effects paint (bluey/green colour) then a light brush of brown to give the dirty effect.

thanks mate

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