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The everknowing one,LOL
Howdy all!!

I am finally able to start work on the new version of the WBTR/ SOO.

I am going with Atlas cd 55 track,,,, I also am going to start to hand lay most of the turnouts. I bought the pre made ones to get a jump start.

These pics portray my main industrial area on the new layout I like to call Fond Du Lac. First up are pics of the hand laid turnouts I made using the fast tracks fixture. Painted and un-painted. The color I used was Krylon camoflauge Brown 8142.







I will probally replace the tank farm with more buildings to go with Badger Paper Manufacturing, which are the brick and blue buildings. I also might do away with elevator and replace with a LPG dealer/plant. And maybe even move the mill with a warehouse building flat.

I love the workability of the cd 55 products. Next on the list will be using cd40.

Adios Wyatt

grove den

naturally natural trees

I do have a lot of respect for that kind of "trackwork"!!:eek: Specialy the hand laid turnouts!
and of course the very nice pictures.



Looks great! I love the SOO Line. I have three GP38s and a caboose for my layout :)


Drum Driver
AWESOME!!!...Great layout plan.. What are the plans for the silos that are cut in half?...That gives me a great idea of doing that and having a brick/solid wall factory on backside. That would be great for small areas and giving you the advantages of 2 delivery points. (If you have the advantage of viewing both sides of the layout) Again great job!! Looking forward to more from this. It's similar to my last layout.


Lazy Daydreamer
Nice job, I love industrial layouts! I notice there are 2 tanks with funnel-shaped bottoms near the paper mill - are those from a kit, or scratchbuilt?

As for handlaying turnouts, I don't have the patience or the manual dexterity to attempt something like that!


The everknowing one,LOL
Howdy all!!!!! Thanx for the kind words and comments.

Josh,,, I stumbled across that paint,, I was using it for my trees befoe ground foam,,, found out it works good for track,,, they also make a lighter brown, I am going to try that to see if it works.

Indy,,,, us SOO fans have to stick together. I want to try to fit Byron Hill as a LDE on the new layout,, or maybe even the bluffs in the twin cities area which always gives great railfanning.

Bob,,, The silos that are cut in half, are just 1 3/4" pvc pipe. I am planning on making a shallow relief structure to against the backdrop and maybe even hide the entry/exit to staging. Your idea with the dual purpose building is good also.

CSX,,,, The tanks you ask about come from the Superior Paper mill kit from Walthers.

As for the handlaid turnouts,,, I made those from the fast tracks fixtures. As I get better at it,, I am going to build in place. Thought about laying the ties,, wooden and pc board,,,,,,,,, ballasting,,, then adding the rail.. But then again you never know.

That switching layout has a mixture of #5,, #6,, #7 turnouts,,,, with the #6 being the hand laid ones.

Once I get the A/C unit for the garage I will be able to do more work,,, Adios for now.


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