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NG&I Review 132 is now at the printers for distribution at the end of this month.


This issue is an American special. We lead with a detailed study into the history of Yellow Aster Gold Mine with its unusual 18ins and 30ins railways with mixed gauge track and slewing switches. The Maine two-footers are well covered by a new drawing of the SR&RL Baldwin No.24 and an On2 layout of a proposed and part-built extension to the SR&RL. We have drawings of the ALCO War Dept 2-6-2t in as-built form and as varied in subsequent lives on two French systems. We complete the story of the British Colombian On3 mine layout as featured in REVIEWs 129-131. We also present a new HO dock switching layout project based on the Santa Fe China Basin which was only accessible by car float. Finally we show some of the USA built locos that came to Britain.

Full details here: Review issue 132 news

John (editor)
I've just sent the latest issue Review 138 to the printers for distribution at the end of the month.


This issue starts with a focus on 2ft gauge heavy metal including the extraordinarily powerful J&L Steelworks 0-4-0 Porters designed to haul ingot wagons. We lighten the mix with some small industrial locos. We also have an update on Boston Lodge 1886 4mm scale grand plan and include an article on industrial building painting techniques, plus the usual product news, book reviews, jottings and readers' letters. The full contents are:
  • The Rolling Ingot - Jones & Laughlin Steel Company 2ft gauge 0-4-0T Porter drawn and described by Stuart L Baker with 1:32 scale drawing and prototype photos
  • Burma Mines Railway - A last outpost of 2ft gauge industrial steam with prototype photos and Kerr Stuart Huxley 0-4-2T makers GA drawing
  • Arthur Koppel Locomotive Catalogue No.786 - Special Types - Six and eight-coupled engines for 2ft gauge
  • Some Hudswell Clarke NG Diesels - Presented by Sydney Leleux with prototype photos
  • Massive Petrol-Electric Locomotives For Namibia - 600mm gauge Hanomag Bo-Bo drawn and described by Stuart L Baker with 1:32 scale drawing and prototype photos
  • Boston Lodge 1886 - The Buildings - Alastair Steele continues the development of his 4mm scale Festiniog Railway grand plan
  • Shed Bashing - Tim Shackleton explains his approach to painting model industrial buildings
  • Track Studies - Mixed Gauge - With prototype and model examples by Sydney Leleux