My Little Big Layout

Stored and ready for the next running session. :p :p :p

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Bachmann Cylindrical 4 Bay Grain Hopper Canadian National (Demo Scheme, one side grey, one side rainbow), available with or without FRED

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I have this car and it tracks well along with the FRED working as it should.....need to Weather it with a diluted white and then some dullcote etc. and then rust out the trucks and so forth


Today, I added two sides on each bridge/duck-under to improve their rigidity. I also lay the new and old track for a test. IMHO, it works fine .

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I like your layout planning. I started out with a "duck-under" area; and it seemed like a great idea; but 2 knee replacements, a back bad and almost hitting 80 years old, I really have to think about the merits of getting on my knees and crawling under my layout. I put carpet down in my layout room with thick padding and that helps me now...but sometimes, even today, if I drop something and it goes under the layout, I have to consider the worth of the dropped object and usually put off going under the layout until I drop something again