Moving to HOn3


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After taking down my Large N scale layout of many years and Saving the Bench work I have been moving into HOn3 accumulating Locomotives, rolling stock, designing the layout on my old bench work etc. I have a turntable, "Gallows style", installed now that I have built and just about finished building a Banta Models Sargents roundhouse. Because I am 80 and just can not get under the layout anymore I have decided to wire on top of the layout and attaching my new bus wires
to the existing bus under and bringing up to the surface with well placed 16 gauge bus runners and installing my new wiring from there and hiding it with spray insulation foam after full protection from moisture at the 20 gauge runner connections to the new bus runners. I have been in Model Railroading since 1983
and use Digitrax DCC system.

Also since I live in Colorado the worst thing that happened to me was Caboose Hobbies closing on south Broadway in Denver years ago. How could they!!
Anyway suggestions to my proposed wiring plan? I also am really good at scenery so I hope I can hide the wiring and or polarity reverse Electronics in a good natural way. Are there any other suggestions of thought that I have missed? DR
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