MARX Transformer 70 Watts 1549


Lionel 3 Rail
I went back to the Marx set and found this transformer in need of help. The top comes off with the nob and has two sides with tabs.

Here is the seam between the bottom and top. This transformer has the two variable voltage terminals and two fixed voltage terminals.
If you look closely, this is a metal frame and the isolation depends on an insulating button under the nuts.
The nuts and the isulators have to come off to remove the coil inside. There is no room to work inside and it all comes out as one unit.

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The thing was rusty with a stiff old cord. I have never taken one of these apart, so it got a paint job and updated cord.
I messed up on the stripping and took out the top writing. Had to replace it with a picture.
The side plate came in handy and covered all the drip marks.
The terminals were the worst. They had to be held from the outside to tighten. Plus the insulators had to be spun off. The good news was the screws were anchored to the interior insulators. The final tightness was easy.

I did learn that Marx made a lot of different transformers.
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