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Hi all, I've got a quick question for you.

I've got an old (but unused) 12 Volt DC reversing circuit board (usually used for point-to-point trolley setups). I want to use the board (I'm all DC), but I don't know how to mount it properly. The board is open, meaning that it has no case of any kind. The instructions don't tell me the proper way to affix it to my layout. I think I've seen them attached to blocks of wood before, but I'm not sure. If you could let me know the proper and safe way to mount it, that would be awesome.

Thanks. :)


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Does the circuit board have mounting holes in its corners? If so, you can use standoffs and screw the board to any convenient piece of wood.

- Jeff
Not the only way, for sure, but you could get some plastic tubing in the size that would accomodate the srews needes to mount it. Just cut some 1/2 inch pieces and use them as spacers to keep the bottom of the board from touching the wood. Put the screw thru the mounting hole and then thru the spacer, be sure to not overtighten. Hope this helps, and happy new year.


Guy with the Green Hat
Thanks for the help guys.:)
I ended up finding a few suggestions on Circuitron's website (they're the manufacturer of my unit), and got a temporary setup going.

Unfortunately, while I was hooking it up and testing it, one of the little reversing transformers died.:( Oh well, easy come, easy go, I suppose. :rolleyes:


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If it is a relay, they are sold at Radio Shack. You can also make one from scratch. I use a timer with diodes on the track to stop the engine.

To keep my boards mobil I use RTV on a foam core. Naturally they cannot be soldered easily after that. I like the post idea.

Here is what it looks like. I use a Wallwart to power it.

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