Hey it's WEEKEND photo time 10/11/12 Aug

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Steve B

just trying out my new camera, it's a quark Z718 with optical zoom, should be great once i'v worked out how it works, this is set on the makro setting


grove den

naturally natural trees
WOHW Steve very fine sharp pictures!!!
Yes it makes alot of difference : a better new camara!!
btw: how are the pictures of your son.....
Here is my small contribution for this weekend:


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Great camera Steve
Like the pics Jos

Some pics from RJR

Ive done some work on the end beyond the terrace houses


Refined the bridge scene, I think by adding the 3D lady its harder to tell where the 3D ends and the 2D starts ?


Along with the lady some more people have moved in




Southern Railway lives on
I went a little overboard on this one. I'm also working on my second SD80MAC for BN.



Go make something!
I had a really good week modeling but you will have to wait about a year and two weeks before I can show you. Why? http://imdb.com/title/tt0327597/

I have been looking for a new camera for awile but not in any hurry to get one. I was at a local department store for a bike computer battery and found a Samsung S850 for $95. It is 8Mp and has 5x optical zoom with a macro to 1cm. Attached is a photo of a the warning label near the rear inverter intake on an Athearn SD70MAC. I guess the Nikon or Canon will wait a bit longer......

Steve B

Jos thats a cool scene, how many of the tree's have you done, last i heard you had hundreds to go.

Smoke Seen more drastic weathering than that, that is great,,,, love to see dirty engines,,, better than nice shiney clean ones.

John That paving looks great ;) :D and you even got Fred Elliott from "the street" A SAY you even got Fred :D

My figures look horrible under the scrutiny of my new camera, the old camera could just about pick up the figure, never mind show detail,,, weathering looks pretty good though
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Good Pics with that new Camera there Steve.. I'm diggin the weatherin too, thou the faceless crew members is a bit on the creepy side, looks like he was the victim of a railroad accident..

Good Pics Everybody!!! I'll have to dig out the ole camera and charge up the battery!
Steve B. The camera may not do the people any favours, but your stock and weathering is looking pretty good with the macro

I Got up early this morning, had to get the washing out !!!


and sorted the ground cover into the terrace back entry


and Bill got a new bike but where did his old yellow one end up ???




Go make something!
Remember those postcards showing Washington apples or Idaho potatoes on flatcars? Here's one I made today.


Just a guy
What a shot Paul! That last pic was awesome! (I don't know about the cucumber)

And the stuff from the other side of the pond.... That's way cool!

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