Finally, Santafewillies layout thread

there is still over 150' of main line on each level which I am thankful for.
Willie - I'm no mathematician, but I've calculated, if the layout were real, your two levels would be about 4.94 miles of mainline track. Does that sound about right.
I'm always very surprised at what HO track adds up to in real life. I've probably only got a couple of city blocks worth on my layout, if that. In my wife's mind, I've run out of real-estate.
I'm ready for the next installment here, now that the forum seems to be back to normal and picture uploads are no longer hit or miss. We left off at the Sherwin Williams Paint Distributor in the Maultown Industrial District. Next door to it, across the rail corridor is Whitaker Bros Printing. They do bulk printing and receive incoming barrels of ink and rolls of slick printing paper. Some jobs are also shipped out by rail as well.


I still need to scenic this end where that tall structure referenced back in post # 148, once stood. But that's a project for another time.
The structure itself is a City Classics kit called Smallman Street Warehouse. It's a great looking kit and the large window expanse called for an interior. But what to put in there? I happened to have two old circuit boards that I was going to cut up for "junk" elsewhere, but I decided to use them here without modification.

So I added a few figures and made one into the second floor.

The figures didn't really matter so I used some cheap Chinese made ones that lack the fine detail that domestic ones have. Here's the third floor. I reversed the orientation to avoid the repetitious look.

Once enclosed, it looks good.

Moving over to the right (North), is another large industrial structure that has no name or function yet. It is designed to be a distribution center of some sort. It's made with lots of Pikestuff modular walls.
05-20-19 005.JPG

Next to it is Citywide Beverage Supply, which we'll explore in the next installment.
06-22-19 008.JPG

See you next time and thank you for looking.
Wow! Has it been 3 weeks ? I left off at Citywide Beverage Co. This is a Walther's kit known as Central Beverage Distributors; actually the same kit as their Magic Pan Bakery, just molded in different colors.


Here's the crew on the roof trying to figure out what's wrong with the refrigeration unit.

And the boss wondering what they are up to?

There is still some blank unused area here in the Maultown Industrial District, but there is one other railroad customer that is set up and receiving product, Delta Fertilizer Supply. They receive bulk fertilizer in covered hoppers and bag it up for local farmers.


They also have a chute for loading bulk fertilizer into farmer's equipment.

This kit is a laser-cut wood kit from Blair Lines.

That's about it for the industrial district. I'll move on to something entirely different for the next installment.
Thanks for looking.
While I visit often I don’t alway comment but please know I am impressed. The combination of your figures, buildings and track just combine to give a feeling of “I’ve been there”.
Whoa! It's been three weeks since the last installment. As I posted, we'll head for a totally different area now. Back in July/August, I featured the small town of Budville on the lower level. I will now continue southbound along the tracks to a rural area between Budville and Gainesville. We left off at the switch tower and a small family farm shown here.

Those cows belong to the neighboring homestead. The house and barn are both laser-cut wood kits from the now defunct American Model Builders. The shed, chicken house and doghouse are antique Plasticville structures; the windmill is from Walther's.



Joe and Ned checking out the mower.

Ma's chickens.

And their garden.

Across the road is the Stallings Horse Ranch.

I'll pick up there when I make the next installment.
Thanks for looking and comments are welcome.
How much of my stuff is still on your layout from 2012?
All but a handful of the vehicles are on it. I use the 1/100 scale ones in the far backgrounds so that they are not noticeable as undersized. About half of the utility poles are being used as well. There's space earmarked for most of the rest, but I just haven't gotten to them yet. Some of the retaining walls are in place but not yet painted. And I am using one of the walkaround memory throttles and meters full time, along with the accompanying electrical plug-in accessories.. Off-hand I don't currently remember what else that I got, no trucks, rolling stock or track. I do wish that I had acted quick enough to get some of the Walmart trucks though.