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All the talk I've heard about the place and finally on the 4th Of July it opened! Being totally honest, it exceeded my expectations. Ton of great supplies, the model kit selection is awesome (bought 3 cars already), some nice diecast and HO slot cars and N Scale trains which I have been eyeballing. It's also the friendliest place I've ever shopped in and that 40% coupon makes it pretty easy to keep going back.....if they would just stock some O gauge items the place would be a home run!

Just sharing my thoughts, anyone else a fan?

Jim 68cuda

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I have enjoyed the selection and service at the Hobby Lobby that I discovered near me about six months ago.


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Its a good place to get "non-standard" modeling tools & material. Their selection of paintbrushes is just fabulous. For you DIY types out there, just exploring the separate departments can give you lots of inspiration as well as sparking that "creativity" gene that sometimes needs a jump start.


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I have a Hobby Lobby and a Michaels within 1/4 mile of each other. Good for supplies, oil paint, and some scratch materials.


The thing about Hobby Lobby is that America's Greatest Indoor Hobby is not that well represented there. That's model trains. They do have a couple of Bachmann sets and some slot cars but Honestly don't hold a candle to anything like even Hobbytown. Hobby Lobby has paints and Dremels and x-acto knives and just plastic models of ships and boats and cars. It is really difficult to consider Hobby Lobby as even a contender for trains as they just do not appear geared toward Male hobbies. Most of the stuff there a female would use to decorate the house. Same goes for Michael's. Back before Michael's there was MJ Designs which did sell a lot of model railroad stuff at reasonable prices.
They are not bad places regardless of how they get demonized in the news lately. They have things you could do some scratch building with provided you focus on what you need and not all of the media attention.

Mud Pie

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I'm not allowed in Hobby Lobby anymore. The store didn't ban me; my wife did.

Hobby Town soon to follow.
for paint brushes go to the section with the paints. they usually have a "classroom set that has an assortment of brushes for a pretty reasonable price. I forgot how many brushes it comes with.


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My wife buys a lot of projects at Michael's, simply because it is closer than a Hobby Lobby. Both have some good materials for scenery, paint, etc. I am fortunate to have Caboose Hobbies about 20 minutes' drive from me. They claim to be the largest dedicated model railroad store west of Walthers. Their proximity to me is quite dangerous...financially. And I am totally out of room for any more rolling stock, buildings, etc.! :p :rolleyes:


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I can only echo what has already been said. We have both a Hobby Lobby and a Michael s (sort of) near us as well. Both are great for brushes, painting supplies and the odd bits and pieces that aren't model railroad specific. I have bought brushes, liquitex products, balsa and the like from both places. Prices are great as they always seems to have something 40% off :)
make sure you stroll around the store, they tend to put stuff on clearance shelves around the store. also, they do have a special clearance section for stuff returned. sometimes you will find discounted paint, and model kits.


I have to say I was disappointed in HobbyTown. Model trains weren't well represented, at least at my local store. I've been using Michael's more than HL lately.


I have one here in my town as well, however I still can't get past the entrance due to the scented items at their door s.



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Hobby Lobby here in Sacramento is a nice store. They have a good stock of brushes and acrylic paints and so on, but they don't carry any model railroad or model airplane items. I recall many years ago, that they were much more into those things. There were several train-specific stores here but they all went out of business in the past ten years.

There is an RC store that has a G Scale engines, cars and track, but their prices are simply astronomical. I only go there when I need something like Super Glue, Zip kicker or in an emergency.

I wish Hobby Lobby would get back into trains. The shortage of model train stores causes me to use eBay for most of the things that I need. That's OK, though since the prices there are often rather reasonable.

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