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Whats the largest radius you can get in code 100 curve track i can seem to find higher then 22"? If you can who makes it?


Lake Shore Lines

I believe that 18 and 22 are the only standard commercially available curved turnouts. Anything larger pretty much requires the use of 3' flex track sections. Then you can go as large as you want and have fewer joints which is better on curves anyways.

Bob A.


Master Mechanic
The only makes that have 22" or greater is Kato's Unitrak, but I'm not sure how big it goes. Bachmann does make their Nickle Silver EZ-track in radius's up to 36". It would be cheaper to go with a roadbed like cork or WS foam roadbed and code 100 flex.


Diesel Detail Freak
I'd suggest going with flex track. BUT i know it can be a pain for newer users, you have to get used to it. Atlas seems to have a 24", but I think its code 83. Bachmann SHOULD have radi beyond 22". I don't recall seeing the Kato ones, but I'm going to assume they have some also.


Master Mechanic
I saw the Kato at many GATS when I was working for a vendor there. We carried the EZ-track as a regular line, and it was available in sizes from 18-36" radius at 2" increments. Kept wanting to get enough for a test track using 36" radius, but never did.


Milw Road in SW Wisconsin
Atlas does have sectional 24" radius curves - Only on code 83 'True Track'. As far as using flex track - that is the best way to go. There has been a lot of discussion over the years about whether the 'sliding' rail should be on the inside or outside of the curve. I really have seen no difference. I was told once that the sliding rail should be on the outside as the rail will 'spring' to the outside and give you a slightly larger gauge to prevent 'binding' of large steam engines the curves. I did this on my layout until I had to lay a reverse 'S' curve! I was not about to cut the track and reverse the rest of that section. I have had no problem with that curve(there is about 12" of tangent on the middle). Also, most standard track radius measurements are from the 'centerline' of the track, not either of the rails.....



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