Brass HOn3 steam models drivers and pilot wheels


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Just switching to HOn3 after tearing down 13 year N scale layout. I have two new Blackstone's, a C-19 land k-27. I have been stocking up on Peco code 70 track.
My question is about Brass Import Locomotives and their wheel tread. Will their tread fit code 70 Peco or will their be an issue like N scale had with older
locomotives on new code 55 track? I have been in model railroading for 40 years and always N Scale doing 3 layouts through this time. When I started my third
layout 13 years ago I used Peco Code 55 rail and had to replace most of my rolling stock because the tread edges were bumping on the rail tie plates.
I know my Blackstones will be ok for code 70 rail but what about Brass Import Locomotives? DR
I have a United K-27 and so far runs OK on PECO Code 70, along with two BLK Stn K27's. I even have several KATO HO's I have converted to GE90 locos which have HO depth flanges and they work OK.
Sorry for late reply. Just busy with start up to HOn3 from 25 years of N Scale or so. From what I am finding
out is there is not an issue with Peco code 70 in HOn3 for the most part including the major brands from
the brass mfg's. Thanks again DR